I finaly have a joining date!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lawro87, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Hey everyone

    After a couple months of silence then gettting sound advice from you guys to call my AFCO every couple weeks. They've finally given me a joining date: 21st January!!! I was told March initally, then yeaterday eavning I got a call from my Careers Officer, Pete Connell and he said I start next month. :eek:

    Any advice on or comments you have about basic training will be well recieved.
  2. how old are you?

    when did you apply?

    who are you joining?
  3. If you can pass the fitness tests then basic training is a piece of p1ss. Seriously.
  4. Well done im waiting to see if i defo got my scholorship again!!
  5. Take some warm clothing, I went through Raleigh in January and that Assault course was mighty chilly.
  6. And try and get on with everyone bitch fights just get worse!
  7. My join up date was in Feburary and it was bloody cold then, belive peo-le when they say they WILL just smash the ice up on the asult course and expect you to jump in
  8. Always keep in the back of your mind that Basic Training is not at all like the real world and the fun really starts when you get your first sea draft.
  9. Well done mate - Wish I had a joining date!

    I'll be applying Friday and I hope to God I'll get in!

    Can I ask how long it's taken from when you first applied mate?

    Good luck and remember, it's meant to be hard. It's meant to separate the Men from the boys!!! Go get 'em tiger :twisted:
  10. Here is some links for you and anyone else waiting to know a lil more info..

    Training Weeks

    Recruits diary

    and the genral RN HMS Raleigh Site

    some info from someone whos gone through it..

    its tough the first week is so boaring because all your doin is all the shitty little bits. then the learing curve is HUGE and doesnt stop.

    Dont worry about not passing something then them booting you out Very Rearly happens you get 3 chancers at everything then get back classed. then if you fail them again you get back classed.

    physical and educational things you get remedials which are the worst thing you can ever get really makes the days longer.

    if you have any questions to ask just ask away they will always be answered on here.
  11. Et Pooley just one question, are you under training?
  12. Now just learn how to moan and drip and you'll fit in just great

    Oh yea the real Navy is not basic training or your trade training do it get over the rubbish that goes with it. Go on board then the fun of the real Royal Navy begins.

    You'll love it.

  13. i was last yr but am not at the moment 25 days to go till collingwood
  14. I'm 19 yrs, joining as a ET(ME)
  15. They had me down on a 7 months waiting list, I should really start in March, but I guess they found me a place. I guess from my first test; it would be about 5-6 months. I took my first test in July.

    Good luck to you.
  16. ET Pooley, thanks for those links, they've been a big help. Cheers for the insight, they know how to but the fear in you about not passing the PJFT.

    How about the swimmong aspect, I've been practicing but my tread in water is still shabby, will they give us help at Raleigh?
  17. Congratulations Lawro, i bet you're dead chuffed. Let us know about your preparation!

    Only trouble for me is that i also took my tests in July, am also going in as ET(ME), now i am going to drive myself mad waiting for the call!
  18. When I went in everybody did the swim test even non swimmers!

    The thing is, I thought I had no chance at the swim test, but you just get on and do it. You find yerself getting swept along (not literally) with stuff. Before you know where you are you'll be at sea, painting stuff and pouring gloopy polish out of a 5 litre container before you know whats hit you! :D
  19. have not already passed your PJFT thats wat u do before you get your date...

    the fear can be a big thing just dont let it get to you, swimming is hard work just keep goin they wont let you drown just keep goin till you sink to the bottom.
  20. ET Pooley, for someome outside the Royal Navy your knowledge is overwhelming, if you are joining next year, try to learn some English, or at least how to spell. Are these ETs the New Tiffy Guys? If they are, be afraid, be very afraid.

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