I feel like death warmed up!

hi all
I feel like death warmed up!! the doc said I have a sinus infection, I have had an ear infection for the passed 2 weeks so I have not been able to train!! and now I definately can't train!! I only have 8 weeks to my RNAC and 10 weeks to my joining date! so I am geting a bit worreid now :( . hope all you are all well!


Mate dont worry about it . The RN concentrate on ''Beer fitness'' more than running etc etc . So get to bed with a crate of stella ,dont worry if you swamp, its part of training.


War Hero
and once you've conquered that one work up towards the "grandslam" ...always a proud moment when you achieve your first one :twisted:


next week you can work on ''pulling a slapper'' and grandslaming on her whilst she is asleep on your wet patch.
If you cant do the final act on her you can always P**s up her and she wont notice the differance.

It worked for me in Istanbul a good few years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry, Ship_Rat, the fitness is nothing at all at the RNAC. Can't speak for Raleigh, but it won't take long to pull your fitness up. I did my PJFT post major operation and with a pulled abdominal muscle. And i'm no good at running! So you will be fine, it's all mental attitude, honest!
ship_rat, dont worry to much mate, just when you get better start a crash course, e.g only 1 rest day, thats what im on at the moment. and rnac isn't that bad on fitness. also like snappers said it's all down to mental attitude, so when you are running just think i gonna do this to prove them f**kers wrong, or imagine a page 3 girl running infront which u want to...........but you need to catch first thats always gets me going. p.s. get well soon mate
thanx guys!
as for the page 3, not sure about that, depends what news paper or dive magazine I'm looking at! :D lol


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