Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by mitch in the north, Apr 18, 2015.

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  1. Yes as a very young junior seaman serving my time on the Penelope in 85 i was that annoying rating trying to shag anything that moved in diamond lils!
    But i dont know if anyone can help with the name of a pub in Guzz,not on union st,that alot of the lads went to in the 80s;i think it was in mutley and only remember it was a newish building/pub in a housing estate,it also held discos during the week!bit vague info im afraid!?was it called the cherry tree..?
  2. In that case, you'd have seen our Cox'n and Chief Stoker (no names to protect the guilty!) as often as not do the midnight strip! Not a pretty sight!
  3. [​IMG]

    A dark and scary place where they could have filmed the bar scene in "Star Wars"
  4. I used to love Lil's, my oppo even managed to shag the dwarf stripper :eek:

    When I was a happy single JR on an S boat in the 70's, our runs ashore (every night, just about) used to be The Star, then either Lil's or Commodores!!

    If the weather was good and the holidaymaker fanny was in abundance the we went "posh" and hit the Barbican, unfortunately nearly always ending up in the Safari club, which was a bit like the Ace of Clubs but down a peg.
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  5. Whenever I was ashore it was pretty much guaranteed that half the time I'd end up in Lil's.
    A wonerfully horrible place :p
    Happy times :D
  6. As a young lad I couldn't afford to nip up north for just a Saturday so used to use my ill-gotten pay to frequent the taverns of Union Strasse. Pi$$ poor beer and even worse decor, but it had character. Never got picked as a "Lil's Virgin" due to the frequency of my visits, but I have a long and lasting memory of being taken home by a "dancer" using the name Trudi one friday night, being abused for the weekend, & having to cadge a lift off the patch in Budeaux on the monday morning. Happy days. :)
  7. This list of lost pubs in Plymouth makes for sad reading:

    For me, the more comprehensive A-Z list of lost pubs in Portsmouth makes even sadder reading although its entries are currently being revised:

  8. Bulldozing the legendry "Star of the West"is more or less a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!:mad:
  9. The Prince of Wales (Ma Rats) on Keyham Rd is missing from the list. Was next door but one to the Kepples Head (later the Complex). Could always count on the Landlady to sub you until payday. A good time (or not) was always had on a Tawny Wine run :)
  10. Turning the Old Chapel into a Coop and Bulldozing Boob's is the real crime against humanity and my happy memories as a Young Stoker on the Penny in 85.....
  11. PT closed? Heard it was in trouble before I left the Mob in 07, but didn't think it would go. Many a good Friday afternoon spent in there.
  12. Aah, the Keppels Head, a Scrumpy house. The day I arrived in Guss for the first time and not knowing my way round, with a couple of lads who arrived with me, we went to explore starting outside Drake we started to follow the dockyard wall and the road to town. 4-5 pints/pubs latter we end up in the Keppels Head.

    "Pint of Bitter please"
    "We dont serve bitter"
    Looks round "This is a pub isnt it? what do you serve?"
    "Ill have a pint of that then please"
    "What sort?"
    "The sort that comes in bottles so big with a picture of a woodpecker on it"
    "Ill give you half of rough and half of smooth"
    The first couple of mouthfuls tasted like vomit and I cannot recall anything after that, that evening.
  13. To be honest thought Star Of West was still there? I'll take a look next time I am passing
  14. Long gone Sumo. I left the mob 10 years ago and it had been knocked down then
  15. A national day of rememberance is called for matey:(
  16. Shows how often I get down that end of town, or take any notice when driving

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