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To @BillyNoMates FAO Wolf Pack Leader - Lost 'n Found columns of the Dee Tee

<<...Russian and Japanese scientists have unveiled the first intact adult head of an Ice Age wolf species, which was preserved in permafrost for 40,000 years.


... ancient predator that roamed Europe and Asia alongside the woolly rhinoceros and mammoth, including its ultimate fate. "We want to answer the question of whether these wolves disappeared or turned into modern wolves, how much they are related to modern wolves," Albert Protopopov, head of mammoth fauna studies at the Yakutia academy of sciences, told The Telegraph. Still covered in thick fur and sporting a vicious-looking set of fangs, the 40-centimetre head was made public at a woolly mammoth exhibition in Tokyo last week. The wolf was between two and four years old when it met its end...>>


For your own piece of mind, Billy, early DNA Checks are strongly recommended.
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