I Fecking Love Dogs Me

I've just been adopted by Superpom..... actually he's a decent spud, though a bit bossy but I'm working on him. Just learned he's an ex spo....so might take a little longer......:)

Him being a PSOF, it takes him a little longer to fetch my ball...but we can't have everything. In spite of his short comings, I'm a very happy chappie......:):)

Buddy 1 cropped opt(1).jpg
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That Brilliant Pad would work well for us humans too. Just place it by your side of the bed for those night time emergencies. Saves you the walk to the bog in the middle of the night and a reduction in water usage.
Mind you, it'll chuck up something rotten when the roll needs replacing especially if you're doubly incontinent.
Sleep with the windows open.
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