I Fecking Love Dogs Me

Scan_20171006.jpg Chloë, my Bitzer bitch. Rescue dog. Got her when she was just under a year old. Had her euthanized September last year, when she had multi organ failure. She was 17½ years old and very active right up to the last week of her life when she suffered sudden total collapse.
GS and greyhound genes according to the vet. She was very fast, the bane of local cats and the wild rabbits in the fields at the back of my house. She was the most intelligent dog I've ever come across.
I'm getting on a bit so I was vacillating about getting another dog from Dog's Trust kennels in Bridgend. I had more or less decided to rehome an older dog but then my youngest broke up with his mental live in girlfriend and decide to move into a luxury rented flat in Cardiff Bay...no pets.
He fobbed me off with his "house" rabbit, so no dog. I eat my heart out every day and my son's "house trained" rabbit eats my f****** carpets and any unguarded electrical cable he can get his teeth into.
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