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I Fecking Love Dogs Me

Chris P

War Hero
Ours are black, white and shades in between - so in both camps - not racist or just maybe a little bit:rolleyes:, and they bark at everyfcukingthing..


War Hero
Ours are black, white and shades in between - so in both camps - not racist or just maybe a little bit:rolleyes:, and they bark at everyfcukingthing..
But do the ones which are shades in between identify as Black?
In which case have you taught them to take the knee?

Chris P

War Hero
Knee, take a bite out of it maybe. Lily the bitch didn't care before she started losing good sight, black cows, sheep she'd have a go at anything too close to the fence, so I'd say no colour preference..

Biker Buster

Lantern Swinger
My mate has just found out his spaniel has a condition.

No cure, just palliative care.


I canr even begin....

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War Hero
I know they are 'just' dogs/cats etc, but in our case (as I sit on the sofa with a dog either side and a cat on a chair!) they are our children. Our oldest dog, a GWP, is at the 'mental puppy one minute and lights on but nobody at home the next' stage. She is 12 or 13 (a rescue, so we don't know for sure).We currently have one kitten of about 7 months in hospital - we have to go and get him later this morning. He took poorly yesterday and was just limp and lifeless - we have no idea what was wrong. We are out in the country and the Spanish farmers are very fond of putting down poison, but the kitten wasn't foaming at the mouth.

So we'll find out soon.......


War Hero


War Hero
The weird thing is, that Billy 10 bellies is on a strict diet. One (half!) treat when we come in. His food is measured out and we'll pad it out with cooked veg peelings - stand fast potatoes. But he is a total thieving dustbin on legs! He takes himself off down to the beach and I've seen him bring back a full gash bag and go through it. He'll eat anything. Anything!

We have a poorly old cat at the moment, so it has a litter tray...... need I say more? Mmmmm, snacks! He also ate a yellow and black toad once. Toads are very poisonous to dogs and the yellow and black should have been a give-away, even if dogs' colour perception is different to ours! That was touch and go for him.
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