I Fecking Love Dogs Me

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, May 7, 2014.

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  1. We want a dog! ... or should I say 'er indoors' wants a a dog! So far her forays into this particular subject have been countered reasonably sucessfully so far with
    "It would upset the cats!"
    "We're out all day - it will trash the house!"
    "Who's going to take it out for a walk when its pissin down?"
    "I'm not paying £500 + for a stuffin dog"

    'er indoors idea of a dog is one of those yappy little ankle biters so my next counter attacks was

    "If we're having a dog I want one that eats other dogs for breakfast (or at least cold callers and/or Jehovah's Witnesses"!

    However ... she came home last week and said she'd been offered a 8mth old chocolate lab, pedigree as long as your arm free to good home.

    Why is it free? .... "Cos the girl that has it has a dodgy hip and can't walk it ... oh and it trashed their sofa!"

    Well there ya go ... see point 2!

    The problem is I seem to be slowly coming around to the idea (probably as it wont talk back) only - point 4 applies ... there's no way I'm forking out £500+ for a dog and I certainly don't anything with "doodle" on the end of it! Local dogs home seems full of Staffy's - not keen, besides wouldn't want to be mistaken for a chav - even without wearing a dodgy shell suit and I'm running out of reasons why its not a good idea!

  2. Start cultivating a liking for Korean cuisine.

    I done this on my mobiles keypad. B-)
  3. Don't buy a chocolate lab. They are bonkers!
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  4. He's not buying it. It's free.
  5. Ok. Don't own a chocolate lab. They are bonkers
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  6. I only know two but I'm inclined to agree :thumbleft:
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  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    MGM, I went to get a puppy after my psycho rescue dog broke down completely and went to the big kennel in the sky. She should never have been rehomed, but that's another story. Popped along to a local private home where the "mum" had ended up living after being rescued from a farmer and his shotgun. Fully intended to choose just one puppy, but then the runt appeared, looking hard done by and in need of a loving home as he'd fallen in his mums dinner and was looking a right state... Ended up with the puppy I wanted and the runt.

    8.5 years later.. They are like kids, they go and stay at the grandparents for holidays and the odd weekend and no one refers to them as dogs, they're the lads. Loyal through and through. Wouldn't be without them.

    My cat on the other hand fcuked off after 2 years.

    I would never fork out £500+ for hound. I grew up with "rescue" dogs, which we were asked to give a donation for, and out of the 6 we had over the years, only one had issues which stemmed from in-breeding from a puppy farm :(

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  8. Mrs MLP wants a Beagle but beagles are shit. I want a weime.... Wiemer......Weimaraner or a Vizsla. Proper dogs.

    Edited to add: I'll accept a Bernese too.
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  9. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Beagles would nick your tabs and make up.

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  10. I don't smoke.

    It can keep its paws off my lipstick though, it's got its own.
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  11. Have a look at English Pointers. Same sort of animal. Amazing pets.
  12. They are beautiful, with a very distinctive colouring, but they need a lot of walking.
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  13. My mate's got a pointer. Legend of a dog, likes fighting squirrels.
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  14. I've come round to the fact that Ellie, the 4 1/2 year old lab/retriever cross we "won" a month ago, is now part of the household. She's superbly well trained and obedient, that is unless we're near water as she is aqua dog and is straight in, she also goes mental when we're out on moorland and rabbits are about, she pulls the classic retriever pose (one paw up, tail straight out) and then takes off like a rocket after them, squirrels get the same treatment.
  15. :dog::laughing8: PMSL Billy!

    I'm with you on this one ... Hungarian Vizla or a Weimaraner would do for me!

    Well thats Beagles out then ... it can buy its own tabs!

    Seeing as well trained dogs round here are rarer than rocking horse shit ... no one can spell Weime.... Wiemer...... Weimeramer round here let alone got one ... Choc Labs are mental ... Pointers chase squirrels (seeing we've only got red ones over her that sort of thing will be frowned upon), Ridgebacks would do the biz and eat JW's but probably eat the cats too (need them to keep the rats under control round the chicken run - and yes I know a Jack Russel would as well but I don't have to take the cats for a walk), Beagles will smoke my tabs and as for small donation for a recue dog ... £120 to the RSPCA for a chav staffie ... ah no thanks!

    Any one got a budgie?????
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  16. The biggest problems with chocolate labs are medical. The breed has gone the same way as a lot of others in that they became a popular fashion accessory, and as demand for them increased more and more unscrupulous breeders used sub standard dogs with known genetic faults as studs or broods. There are now thousands of these dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, retinal eye anomaly, and jaw defects among others. The Staffie and the King Charles Spaniel have also suffered in this way. Greed by some people has now created problems in certain breeds that will probably never be bred out, so buyer beware!
  17. Aye! And the same could be said for humans!
  18. Totally agree with you there, the are a fair few genetic mistakes walking the streets of Britain!
  19. Healthiest dogs are the good old mongrels, my last heinz lived to just over 19 and I only needed to spend money on him at the end. My current one's mother was a small lurcher and the father was a bit like jack, had a quick bit on the way through so nobody knows what it was. She will be 12 next month, loads of character, never been ill and is almost as fast as she was when a pup. As far as I'm concerned you can keep your pedegree and designer dogs, give me a mutt.
  20. How right you are! mutts, mongrels and deliberate crossbreeds tend to inherit what is known as 'hybrid vigour'. They rarely inherit any of their parents' genetic faults and tend to be more hardy than 'pure bred' pedigree dogs. This is why lurchers were developed,the speed and stamina of one parent and the brains and trainability of the other plus the hardiness that sensible crossbreeding gives them.
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