I feckin' HATE cats me.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. All moggie loathers - post your eternal hatred for these sons-of-bitches in here.
    I just hate 'em. Hate 'em all. Evil, wailing, clawing, night-crawling, phantom-shittin'
    bastards every one of 'em.

    Cats are not pets. They are a pestilence. A scourge. I'm getting angry.
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  2. Cats are for those who are too idle to own a dog. They shit in everyone elses garden except their own and kill the birds that I feed. Evil fkrs.
    Then when someone gets angry and disposes of a few their owners get upset.
    Turn em all into gloves.
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  3. I like cats, self sufficient, dont smell
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  4. I've always been at a loss to understand why anyone would want to keep domestic pets/animals, they're nothing but a costly nuisance.
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  5. Cats might not smell but their shit does if you are unfotunate enough to stand in it. Or worse put your hand on it whilst weeding the garden. I also fecking hate cats, mange ridden, trespassing bird killing balls of spite every last one of the bastards.There should be open season on the feckers and the dullards that own them
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  6. I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a friggin' musical about the feline fekkers didn't he?
    When the musical was premiered in London, during the intermission - the entire cast buggered off and they all took a shit in the cheap seats of the theatre next door.
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  7. Mines an evil fcuker 18 years old will kill anything the occasional Adder or grass snake Pheasant Squirrel or rat, fcuking awesome, completely fearless total nails, the rescue cat complete oppostite shitty whingeing spewed scabby fecker but got 12 lives the amount of times I've thrown him on the A38 charmed life but can't last forever come on truckers do the business.
  8. And raided the dustbins on the way back!
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  9. Poor thing
  10. I take it your'e married no difference really
  11. Was once, she left me
  12. Should have fed her stale pets at home kitty kat never had the bollocks to tell mine it's been in the spaghetti bog for years
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  13. Its cold, im hungry
  14. Kitty Kat?
  15. How long has yours been dead?
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  16. A few years. Ive made friends with the neighbors who occasionally enters my house
  17. What his wife
  18. No its a Siamese called Megan
  19. Think I know her
  20. Probably do, shes quite popular round here ...

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