I feckin' HATE cats me.


War Hero
All moggie loathers - post your eternal hatred for these sons-of-bitches in here.
I just hate 'em. Hate 'em all. Evil, wailing, clawing, night-crawling, phantom-shittin'
bastards every one of 'em.

Cats are not pets. They are a pestilence. A scourge. I'm getting angry.


War Hero
Cats are for those who are too idle to own a dog. They shit in everyone elses garden except their own and kill the birds that I feed. Evil fkrs.
Then when someone gets angry and disposes of a few their owners get upset.
Turn em all into gloves.


War Hero
Cats might not smell but their shit does if you are unfotunate enough to stand in it. Or worse put your hand on it whilst weeding the garden. I also fecking hate cats, mange ridden, trespassing bird killing balls of spite every last one of the bastards.There should be open season on the feckers and the dullards that own them


War Hero
I mean, Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a friggin' musical about the feline fekkers didn't he?
When the musical was premiered in London, during the intermission - the entire cast buggered off and they all took a shit in the cheap seats of the theatre next door.

fcuk my tall hat

Lantern Swinger
Mines an evil fcuker 18 years old will kill anything the occasional Adder or grass snake Pheasant Squirrel or rat, fcuking awesome, completely fearless total nails, the rescue cat complete oppostite shitty whingeing spewed scabby fecker but got 12 lives the amount of times I've thrown him on the A38 charmed life but can't last forever come on truckers do the business.