I fcuking love Bear Grylls.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Yeah! Eat it Bear!

    Now the clown is paramotoring up Everest on Ch4. Yes!
  2. Nothin special
  3. Do you normally have chips with them and a dab of chilli sauce?
  4. Not STC qualified though, is he.
  5. I think he's a bit of a cock, especially with his nonsense 'survival' programmes. However, that Everest stunt took some balls. Bloody hell.

    In addition, I would just like to say that I would like to smash his mate's missus almost as much as I'd like to smash-up his mate.
  6. More than you though isn't he?
  7. MLP did you not know deano has served in the SAS, SAS and STC branch. 8O

    God sake man, deano's a fecking legend!!!

  8. Nah im joking, I dont think much of his Born Survivor series apart from watchin him eat discusting sh!t.

    Hes a legend though, watched that Mission Everest before and again tonight... some fookin set of balls. His mate was being a bit of a fanny at times but he took off in the end.
  9. You back-tracking little bell-end
  10. You can catch me on Channel 4 now
  11. Crime Watch is on BBC1 you chav scum pad-brat piece of cunt shit
  12. Nicely worded sentance JJ , made me chuckle :D
  13. I missed that bit, did he bail out of ITC Catterick because he couldn't hack it then post his crow passout phot as his avatar on an internet forum?
  14. How do you pass out of ITC catterick and also bail out???

    Lol gimps... well i have to go get a shower now before the missus comes home from work for a good smashing but yous lot have fun being cool and so on

  15. I bet her cunt tastes like battery acid and burst blisters
  16. Judging by deano's choice of ' goodbye '

    I would hazard a guess that deanos ' missus ' is infact a guy ;)
  17. Easy you chump, week 6 of phase one you complete passing off the square do you not? Hence your romping mong crow passout phot.

    That still leaves you with 6 more weeks of phase 1 to bail out, like you did.

    Or perhaps you really made a name for yourself and made it to the giddy heights of phase 2 before wrapping your malformed tits in.

    You non-handling girl.
  18. Not being funny but if Deano never managed to complete Army training how on earth is he going to complete his diver training?
  19. Because he can run at near national levels and is hard as fuck. He's going to fill you right in when your paths cross.
  20. Oh dear only one solution then better join the RAF

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