Discussion in 'Petitions' started by Backpacker1uk, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Please support this bill.

    My sister in law who lost her fight against cancer last February21st was asked to make a speech in a parliament side hearing for Autistic adults and children her brother being Autistic and suffering abuse at a care home. The case is on going! Weak from fighting the cancer she still found the strength to attend and speak for those less fortunate than herself


    Urgent action still needed!

    There is still a long way to go towards making the Autism Bill a reality.

    For the Bill to reach the next stage in the parliamentary process we need at least 100 MPs to vote in favour of the Bill when it is read on 27 February. Without this, any chance for an Autism Bill will end.

    * Email your MP now and urge them to vote in support of the Bill on 27 February.

    * Write a letter to your local paper. Your MP will often read local papers, and the more coverage there is explaining why the Autism Bill is so vital, the more likely they are to attend the debate on the Bill and vote in its favour. We need as many people as possible to send a letter to their local newspaper today!
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention with this bill being served on Friday your local MP would have to stay for the day and not have along weekend break. So if you are not interested in helping autistic people and Dyslexia people it is time to make your MP earn it"s money!!!

    My brother asked me to post this on Rum Ration he has the believe that forces types are caring souls!
  3. R12 Junior is autistic, I'll visit there soonest...

  4. In order for the Bill to proceed beyond second reading it needs to be adopted by the Government. In the past 50 years only a few bills have become law despite not being adopted. It needs government support because of timetabling issues. Most Private Members Bills run out of time at the end of the session or are dropped. Government support means that time will be found to get the bill through all the stages in time.

    For more information on the stages of a bill:

    You can follow the progress of the Autism Bill 2008-09 via:

    The Public Bill Committee membership for the Autism Ballot Bill has appeared in today's Votes & Proceedings of the House of Commons.

    Autism Bill (B1)

    Chairman: Roger Gale

    Mr Richard Bacon
    Liz Blackman
    Mr Tim Boswell
    Annette Brooke
    Mr Russell Brown
    Angela Browning
    Mr Tom Clarke
    Mrs Janet Dean
    Sandra Gidley
    Mrs Cheryl Gillan
    Phil Hope
    Mrs Joan Humble
    Dr Stephen Ladyman
    Sarah McCarthy-Fry
    John McDonnell
    Anne Milton
  6. --- UPDATE ---

    19 June 2009 is a Sitting Friday in the House of Commons

    The 1st Bill to be read will be the Autism Bill, Mrs Cheryl Gillan (Report stage)

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