I don't Believe It!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Downing Street has urged the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and Ofgem to speedily investigate a whistleblower's claim that Britain's wholesale gas market has been frequently manipulated by energy companies.
    The allegations, revealed by The Guardian, suggest the £300bn market has been fixed in a way similar to bank fiddling of the Libor interest rate.

    Surprise, surprise, it's just one thing after another. This is what comes from the aggressive privatisation of the utility companies by the Tories, nice on Thatcher and Co.

    Protect the whistle blower.

  2. Oh yeah...... like the nationalised utilities weren't manipulated by the government/unions (delete as applicable).of the day......this is what comes from the aggressive mis- reporting of the Guardian.
  3. A company has just launched in Britain.
    They do elec and gas and guarantee up to 20% cheaper than anyone of your choice.
    Snag, only sign up anyone on a prepayment meter.
  4. I would respectfully suggest M'lud that the FSA or any other interested party investigate politicians frequent manipulation of their expenses before throwing stones in someone elses greenhouse.
  5. So we are all doomed, in true stiff upper lip style let us take these continual shaftings without a whimper.

    Heaven forbid that we take to the streets en masse.

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  6. it's not a problem for the MPs anymore. When\if you get caught all that you have to do is stick two pencils up your nose and shout wibble. It worked in Sudan and it now works in our courts of law too .... apparently.
  7. It won't work unless you put your underpants on your head as well
  8. SSE, one of the UK's biggest energy suppliers, has seen half-year profits surge by 38.3%.
    The company made £397.5m in the six months to the end of September, compared with £287.4m in the same period last year.
    SSE, in line with other major energy suppliers, put up its domestic gas and electricity prices by an average of 9% one month ago.

    BBC News.

    Another example of the disgusting greed of the energy companies.
  9. Except that Joe Bricky has had all his infrastructure paid for by the tax-payer, and when you look closely, doesn`t actually provide a service, apart from the letter-head on the bills.
    But other than that, good analogy.
  10. The whole concept of 'shareholders' profiting from overcharging essential services is absolutely immoral.
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  11. You can choose to use Joe but we all need heat, light and water. You need to grow down and get your feet on the planet.

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  12. The issue is
    not that they over charge or make to much profit but price fixing between service
    supply companies, which does not give a fair free trade society, e.g. the price
    of actual gas goes up 2% but all the companies agree to increase their price by
    6%, so they do not lose customer to the company that only increases price by 2%,
    in a way insider dealing within an industry.

    So can I expect
    my bills to go down in the near future? No they will ride high for winter when
    demand is high and crumble under pressure in the spring or summer when demand
    is low, screwing us for every penny they can.:angry7: :sad7:

  13. Then there will be the annual round of pensioners on the basic state pension sitting in the cold because they are to frightened to put on adequate heating.

    So what is the shareholders view on this; I don't give a shit as long as I get a nice dividend?
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm surprised anyone feels happy that shareholders bought into something that wasn't the governments to sell in the first place as the entire utility industry was funded by the consumer and the taxpayer.

    Profits are the nature of privatisation, the issue here is the fact that prices are quite possibly illegally rigged at something seriously beyond legitimate and reasonable profits.

    Probably many of us are paying over £1500 a year on gas, water and 'leccy and feel very aggrieved that companies are increasing year on year prices. I find it incredible that profits can reasonably increase by 40%, in line with the increasing possibly rigged cost of utilities, but that some may think that's entirely reasonable. Doubtless there are those that also applaud the sale and disposal of 25 reservoirs in the South East over the last couple of decades and feel the annual drought is attributed to all that rain we didn't have rather than greed and stupidity.
  15. I am not trying to excuse high profits by utility companies (and I certainly wouldn't try to excuse illegal price cartels) but profits are required not just to appease shareholders but also to fill the war chest for ongoing capital projects, investment in new processes, R&D etc (plus HMG gets a wad from taxation) - it isn't all one way.

    That said, every time I see my gas and electric bill (not yet metered for water thankfully) it does bring tears to my eyes!!!!
  16. We went water meter a couple of years ago as there is only 2 of us at home now, just about halfed what I paid on rates.
    We had son and wife join us for a year, that soon put it up. it works out 3 people break even ish with rates 4 people rates cheaper
  17. One more reason for me to insist that our 29 year old and 27 year old leave home NOW and let us enjoy the last few years of life in peace!!!!

  18. Don't count on
    it, home at your expense is far to comfy

    Daughter left at 19 did not return

    Eldest son returned twice left at 26

    Youngest returned 3 times left at 26, still a chance if all goes pair shaped he
    could come back again

    Now grandkids are asking to stay over, there is no peace, with families,
    wouldn't have it any other way.

    All still live
    in same city so regularly come to eat at the restaurant/cafe of mum and dad

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  19. We had watermeters from the outset ... Pilot site I gather. What gets me is the water charge to remove the water that you've use from your house ... [email protected] charge you to pump it in then charge you again to remove it! What made me laugh was HMG making the water companies responsible for the pipes rights up to the meter and not just the the edge of your property ... which may account for the suddden rush by the water companies to try to get everyone to sign up for a non returnable amount to take out insurance on the pipes on your property prior to HMG making the change.

  20. One I found
    out, is you can have a garden meter fitted, where the total volume of water
    into property is charged and the amount that flows in to garden, watering
    plants etc is deducted from the waste part of the bill as they cannot charge
    you for soak away on your property?


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