i decided to choose Royal Navy Naval Airman

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by KieranGunshon, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. Today i took part in my RT, unfortunately i didnt get the job i wanted and was handed a list of career paths and i choose^^^ i read up on the job and it sounds exciting. is there any Naval Airmen on here who can tell me a bit more about the job role so i can revise for my interview? thanks in advance
  2. Subsunk

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    Welcome. Were you offered Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler)?
  3. Before we start, is your mum a member of this site? Don't think I could go through that again
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  4. Oh dear, I had to sit quiet for a little while, then all those days and Times started to flood back.Better stop, while going is good lol.

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  5. Handlers have just picked up extra SE duties while onboard, and the 9 month deployments they were told this week.
  6. Ah Aircraft Handlers, I remember them well
    The biggest bunch of tattood pissheads who were always dropping in the sh!t that I ever met.
    They were a great bunch and good mates:wave:
  7. I had a mate in Eagle (66-69 ) who was a LA (AH) 2 ,ie killick but" passed for PO and" Crown on badge" - his name was Bill "Paddy" Graham ,from Dublin . We played together in a folk-group . He was the Captains' Coxswain , the cushiest number on board ! - in harbour he "drove" the ship's Fairey Huntress speed boat ( think "From Russia With Love" ) , whilst at sea he "sat under a Pusser's clock,waiting for Tot Time " then got his head down all afternoon in the Huntress's cabin ! Sadly, after a long RN career and then service with the Probation Service in Scotland, he is no longer with us.Another Handler shipmate , who served for many years , is still around and is a professional Folk-Singer ( George Wilson ).

    Roger Mills REM(A) Air Engineering Dept. , HMS Eagle , 1966-69
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  8. Subsunk

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    Fairey Huntress for a seaboat? Nice.
  9. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Incidentally, the powerboat chase scene in 'From Russia with Love' featured Peter Twiss driving one of the boats. After being an RN test pilot, and then being the first man to fly faster than 1000 mph in the Fairey Delta, he sold Fairey powerboats and starred in a Bond film. Jealous.
  10. Yes, it was a beautiful boat ; the ship's Captain in 1966 was Captain JCY Roxburgh :His house was on the other side of Plymouth Sound, and Bill could be seen creaming down the Hamoaze in the morning to fetch "The Boss ". Later Captain John E Pope took over as Commanding Officer (on Ascension Day , 1967 !! Who says Pusser doesn't have a sense of humour ? ) but by that time we were getting ready for sea trials,work up etc. I think that Bill did a few fast runs up the Swan River when we were in Fremantle ,though .And Hong Kong ,probably ; I couldn't see the Skipper disembarking from a rymo taxi in Wanchai,to be honest.
  11. janner

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    A mate sold his Huntress, still in pretty original condition, last year. I'm told that a couple of the Bass Boats running out of Weymouth started life as Huntresses you wouldn't know to look at them, everything stripped out and a wheelhouse built forward
  12. Bulwark (R08 version) had a Huntress as the skippers boat, always wanted to have a play in it but they wouldn't let me :(
  13. Hi Kieren, I have gone for an AH - that was my intention. I have my medical next Tuesday and I was told by my CA that I could have an entry date next June which will be even better. I applied in July this year. What job did you originally want to go for?
  14. Please don't tell your mum about this site

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  15. The secret is safe with me ;)
  16. Ouch.
  17. Kin ell! A chockhead with a needle and thread!!

    They will be giving Pinkies Hammers and Stokers tweezers next!

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  18. Can you imagine it, not only will they be getting bigger tattoos but instead on getting them inked they will be using the sewing machine to ink them in;)
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  19. Behave, the handlers are very much alive and kicking, good turn out for
    r the armistice parade, Nostris to all and keep buggering in.
  20. Not at this time of the day!

    They will be either:

    Doing a FOD Plod or collecting the mail

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