I can't think of an apt title for this.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Fook me he's got a knob like an elephants trunk
  2. I'll bet he had no toys as a nipper ! :wink:
  3. When I was just a little baby, I dodn't have many toys...
    but my mama used to say, son, you've got more than other boys.

    Cliff Richard.... Lucky Lips ! :lol:
  4. King of the swingers
  5. Even the Lezzer in the last pic looks i :p mpressed
  6. About average that!
  7. Guess it must have been cold eh? :wink:
  8. the guy lives in barcelona i see him all the time, he is french and apparently he found out about the nudity laws in barcelona its all good aslong as you have shoes on, safety 1st and all that. and moved to there to live in freedom, he is a local legend i see him most days in the summer by the marina. when am going to the beach, well done billy finding the pics of him,
  9. Kinell the bird in the 7th phot can eat an apple through a tennis racket!!!

  10. Sideways!!! :D
  11. Looks like a snake that has just had dinner or he has two bell ends.
  12. Bet he could slap a lasses face silly, with that salami :lol:
  13. Looks like we should all be exposing our elephant trunks to the light...

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