I cant log out!

Is anyone finding it difficult to log in. I had to get the other half to do it.She is computer wiz and says it is a fault in the soft ware somewhere. Any ideas?....
It seems to be working fine, but then you clearly had some sort of intermittent problem or you wouldn't have got in in the end.

For me to do more than check you'd need to be a bit more precise. The software is a big beast and there are plenty of things that can go wrong so "in the software somewhere" isn't a lot of help.

Could you / her tell me what the problem was or how she cured it?


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Hi Good CO - sorry for the delay in getting back. I tried logging out, and rebooting and trying again without success. In the end I gave up, but tried again a few days later and it worked - I've no idea what happened! Lets put it down to evil gremlins :)

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