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I can't believe it's called 'news'


Lantern Swinger
Often during my regular perusal of news websites I come across an ‘article’ which seems to prove that there must be very little of note happening in some areas. I think this is a prime example, and is currently the number 1 most read article on the BBC news site:

BBC News - KFC 'giant' chicken sign angers Cambridgeshire villagers

So I put this thread up for all those news pieces you read and can’t quite believe they were written in the first place –Daily Wail pieces welcome of course.

And on that vein, it seems wrong to start this on the day the following was published and not mention it:

The woman who claims she is too pretty to take a job: Graduate 'hounded by sex pests and jealous females' | Mail Online


Lantern Swinger
No denial to you're a slut then. I imagine the blue pills are being popped toot sweet.

I don't recall you calling me a slut for me to deny it - but I assume it was mixed into one of the many edits above somewhere...but no, sorry, not a slut...and you've lost me on the blue pills bit.


I don't recall you calling me a slut for me to deny it - but I assume it was mixed into one of the many edits above somewhere...but no, sorry, not a slut...and you've lost me on the blue pills bit.

The boy wits likes to talk dirty Belle, its usually about men and bottoms, but if his pash Finks isnt around he'll just dive into any thread.


Bit in my paper today, two Donkeys pulled a man off his mobility scooter and bit and kicked him to death.


Another bit in the same paper, nice pic of the Ark on its way to the knackers yard, with an article about the fighter cock up and Crowsnest not ready 'till 5 years after the carrier is operational, "making them highly sinkable" Ausin Mitchel said " why dont we rely on the US for the big stuff and have a nice little Navy"


War Hero

Would there really be much to see anyway? I agree it's freaking creepy, but from my knowledge of myself and from what I have seen the vast majority of the female race tend to be able to resist getting their vajay's, arses, and breasticles out whilst washing their hands :p As BR said, in the cubicles would be much worse! I remember a pub I used to frequent whilst at college had a fish tank and glass wall between the ladies and gents lavs, but I guess this was equally as creepy for both genders and was not discriminatory.

In reply to the initial post- read a newspaper from a small village and you will be bombarded with these 'non stories', but its good I reckon, rather read about someones washing line getting nabbed then an actual heinous crime.


War Hero
'Nice little navy' ----Austin Mitchell, what a daft prat he is, typical bloody socialist, always putting his foot in his gob.
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