I can hardly bear to watch it!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. I've been Stumbling and came across this: RubberMan You know it's going to be 'wrong' when his elbows come out of the box the wrong way.
  2. that is just not normal!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  3. That's horrible. You shouldn't be able to do that. I bet he's good at hide & seek though.
  4. Similar to the Shaolin Monks then I thought No!!!!
  5. Haha thats awsome
    Imagen what hes like in bed :|

  6. He can give himself a blow job!!!! OMG! Girls must love him with that sort of dexterity.
  7. Kinnell , would love to meet a girl with that sort of dexterity ,
  8. You just know he must have done. I wonder if he's given himself a ring dhoby? :pukel:
  9. Quite amazing, wonder if he qualified for the next round ?

  10. Now if he'd popped out of an elephant's bottom instead of a box, that would have been more interesting.
  11. Uuuurrrrgggggg kinnell , :pukel: :toilet:
  13. Thats a given but do you think he spits or swallows?


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