You don't need a gym to lift weights or do press ups. Think about what you have access to. Fill a couple of buckets with soil or use a bag of sand. I’m 68 and could do 5 press ups easy.

So get to it, grit your teeth and crack on, good luck.
I'm going on 73 and a press up would be akin to leaving a suicide note....and effect wife's insurance payout.....though she does encourage me to keep fit....:)

Joking can do it.....
Exercise’Lat pull downs’ in the gym. Light weight, high reps. Also, your core exercises should be improved. Plank etc.

The secret to doing press ups....
Keep doing them.

ETA: Blimey, I think you may struggle in basic if you haven’t got this squared away.
Good luck though, I wish you all the best.
can you share your mode?
I am going into training in the next couple of months and I am really struggling with the press ups, I have been doing press ups and working out for about 2 years now and seen no progress, I don’t know what to do as everything I seem to do just doesn’t work I’ve tried doing press ups on my knees and inclines and I can sort of do them but no normal press ups any ideas on what to do?

By all means feel free to PM and we'll go through what you're doing and how to get you where you need to be.

All the best

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