I bet they did that on porpoise.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by cooksmate, Apr 2, 2013.

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  2. Amazing......thought we skimmers had exclusive rights.
  3. I've got some video at home of that happening underwater.

    We had a casing rattle so we came shallow and raised the search periscope to see if it was the fin shutters. The water was clear as a bell and when we turned the periscope fwd there was a school of dolphins riding the pressure wave in front of us. We were at about 30m.

    The skippers daughter was a dolphin fanatic so we filmed them for about 10 mins before we went deep again. One of them did a wee wee as it went across the front of the fin :grin:

    I think everyone onboard took a copy home with them.
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  4. Theres a lot of it about.[​IMG]
  5. Do'phin so. Sub'ink said to follow their trident trusted way
  6. Say what??
  7. Watched one on Fin Tel one day at PD.
    Another time surfaced had a Pilot Whale swimming along by the after casing and finally, found a baby seal (awwwwwww!) asleep on the forward casing when alongside in Faslavatory! Managed to pat its little head before it woke up and legged, errr, finned it!
  8. We found an upturned dead whale once. An upturned dead whale looks a lot like an upturned fishing boat.

    On discovering that it wasn't an upturned fishing boat, the skipper deemed it a hazard to shipping and we cut it to pieces with a combo of 20mm and 7.62mm.

    Fun but incredibly smelly and slightly gruesome gunex.
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  9. At least your guys managed to hit it. When we found a partially sunk dhow outside the Gulf, that our skipper too thought was a danger to shipping, our gunners could hardly hit the damn thing. (A bit disconcerting to wake up to the sound of gunfire whilst in defence watches when the last time that you knew where you were you were still in the Gulf ... but that's another dit).
  10. I'd be interested to know if our man-made sonar mucks around with theirs. We've got a resident pod of dolphins that hang out doing dolphiny things on the route I take in my boat when going out fishing. I normally stop and say hello and throw them some herring or whatever else I'm using for bait. What I have noticed is they'll swim all round the boat but, in general, they avoid the area around the back of the boat where the fish finder (sonar) transducer is fitted. Now, I'm only talking about some poxy amateur sonar that packs the punch of bugger-all but they still don't seem to like it too much, especially when it's in the 200KHz range. I have no idea what frequency their built-in gear works at but I'd imagine a bloody great Pussers black tube's gizmos would really bugger up the reception on these aquatic mammals. I go home in a couple of days and the weather is still beaut, so maybe a good excuse to go and explore these thoughts in more depth :happy8:

    Edited 'cos I got my kilas and megas mixed up.
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  11. Sadly Pontius, I think it does interfere with them - and more. There has been work done in the US and of course 'Save the Whale' et al are quite vocal on this topic. There should be lots for you to read on t'interweb thingy.
  12. You're right S-B, there is a lot written on this and it's quite interesting (if you like that sort of thing). It seems the low frequency sonars, used for long range etc, muck up the comms systems of whales. The higher frequencies can interfere with the hunting systems the dolphins have, where they're using a higher PRF to get a better picture of their prey, especially in murky water. What's funny is I always thought their hunting gear was quite low frequency. I say this as I quite often pop on a mask and snorkel and jump in the oggin with them. Holding out a fish for them you can actually feel the sonar clicks echoing off your hand. At a VERY rough estimate I would put that at around 30 Hz, which is clearly pretty low. Maybe they can switch frequencies depending on range and the size of the target they want to see. With me in the water they probably needed about 5Hz, just so the wave could bend itself around my outline ^^. I'm sure with their normal prey they up the freq for better identification and acquisition.

    Anyway, I'm sure I'm getting more boring than normal, so back to pictures of bloody great submarines and playful clowns of the sea.
  13. Not boring Sir, thanks for posting.
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  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They think this is why Whales become stranded on beaches. The sonar we use plays havoc with them.

    As to being pinged by a whale, a mucker of mine said this happened to him by a Sperm Whale, and it felt like he'd been booted in the gut.

    As an aside, although the Orca is known as a killer whale, they are in fact part of the dolphin family. They also have regional sonar accents. Pilot whales are in fact pretty much Orcas as well by the way.
  15. The way the pack 'play' with their dinner before final despatch is disturbing, but then I'm an ex-stoker.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some do, some don't wings. There is a school of thought that those that do play (the ones that beach in Argentina to catch seal pups for one) do this to teach the young ones about hunting.
  17. Have only seen the vid of them in open sea, monsters.
  18. Ahhhhh - can't beat diving with a wild dolphin. Re 'sounding', in my eperience, they often stick their head in a females groin - literally pinging her, then they (I assume they are male dolphins) are generally more attentive to female (human) divers. One I dived with would bring live sea-horses and give them to the ladies! But it is amazing to hear all the clicking and chirping that goes on.
  19. Find the whale on YouTube that got blowed up on the beach
    if you haven't seen it. They slightly over-estimated the amount
    of explosives required to turn it into flying porridge.

    I can't "tube" from here. Someone must've seen it.

    X X X

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