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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Said Tam yo Finklenottel, why don't you let me be,
    Cus you is I and I am you we are the same you see.
    But I ain't you and you ain't me, the both of them despaired,
    I told Wits that and then Monty too, but neither of them cared.

    It didn't help when Dabtoe jumped into the fray,
    Now the cunts all think were three, It'll never go away.
    I wish you'd go away said Finks, but Tam just stands and grins,
    How the fuck can I do that you cunt were Siam twins.

    Well who the fuck is Dabtoe he's everywhere that we go,
    Of course he is you, bumbling twat he is your alter ego.
    My alter what? what did you say, when you get mad I dread it,
    Why the fuck do you do that, it might be you that said it.

    Well if I said it how can I still hear it and respond,
    Fucked if I know said the other two , let's go back to our pond.
    What the fuck you on about said Dabtoe to the others,
    We might not all be just the one, perhaps we might be brothers.

    Are you two fuckin out your minds, how are we fuckin brothers,
    We know we are all just the one, there ain't no fuckin others,
    Are you sure? said Fink to Tam, giving him the lip,
    I'm sure as shit said Tam to |Finks were all joined at the hip.

    I'm confused said Tam to Dab, I think Finks is as well,
    I know that wits and Monty are, this has all gone to hell,
    And now were biddin each another down, shit I can't keep track,
    Lets just all buy the fuckin books and throw the bastards back.

    It's going tits up anyway said Finks, a real true mess,
    Cus if we win the fuckin lot the twats got our address,
    No they ain't said Dabtoe, have they fuckin hell.
    Yeah what if Wits is Montey and their Monkeys Fist as well.

    So Dabtoe left the party, which left just Tam and Finks,
    Let's give up on this shit said Tam, the whole thing fuckin stinks.
    I know said Finks quite shaken, picturing Wits upon trail,
    Their having a trial separation,.......... Coming soon the end of this tale. TBC.
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  2. I posted this in the Gash barge originally why has it been taken out.
    What the hell is wrong with it, and if its been taken off by mods why?
  3. I Have no idea just who it's about but an excellent piece of work that would make Rab Burns green with envy, if he was alive. As for getting an explanation as to why it was moved, you will be lucky.

  4. I never wrote it Finks he did, no I fuckin never, yes you did you twat....Oy Rumrat why dont the two of you shut the fuck up and let us three have some rest he said. Did they?:confused2:8O

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