"I am the resurrection and I am the light"

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Alfacharlie, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. As we have been informed on Lil's that aliens will be bringing certain people back from the dead, (or something like that), I think it's time to get your bids in!

    I'll start..

    Jeremy Beadle.

    Rod Hull.
  2. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I would like Tony Hart from Hartbeat and Vision On to be brought back, what a nice chap.
  3. I'd bring back Elvis just so I could tell him that I think he's shit.
  4. Ha ha, good call.

    He was fat and sh1t!!
  5. I'd bring back Winston Churchill and tell him to go and sort out those cnuts in Parliament (of all parties before Finks drags his soapbox out)
  6. Bobby Robson to sort out that shite that is the England football team!
  7. President Kennedy, to find out what Marilyn Monroe's bum smelt like.
  8. I'd bring back Marilyn and smell it myself
  9. Damn, you're good. :D
  10. Dr Shipman for a dit sesh.
  11. With his zimmer frame and his cancerous brain, walking in a bobby wonderland.

    I'd bring back jade goody so I can watch the fat baldy slag die in agony of cuntcancer again.
  12. How about a straight swap...... give us Marilyn... and take that Cheryl bird back ! :twisted:
  13. Tommy Cooper - I'd bring him back Just Like That...

    How about Hitler to help re-invigorate the Forces, nowt like a good war to bring in some need post SDSR?
  14. How about re-nationalising the rail network and reincarnating Mussolini to run it?
  15. He only got one train to run on time, the one he was on, being a Fasist leader has its perks :D
  16. :? Where the fcuk to start. :( When Tony Curtis crossed the bar I realised that I am of an age when all my heros are dead. :cry: There are so many sports stars and entertainers that I link with episodes in my life[The same with music Lonnie Donnogan always reminds me of Viccy Baracks Southsea, for instance.] But :!: if I was nailed down to just two I,d resurrect Boxer Randolph Turpin and distance runner Emile Zatopec. :strong: My two boy hood heros whom I tried to emulate with a bit of sucess. 8) I my far from humble opinion there has been no boxers and runners of today to touch them :!:
  17. Olllie Reed, to tell him my mum can drink him under the table.
  18. Louis Mountbatten. SDR? What SDR?
    Jayne Mansefield, my first heroine (in Parade!!)
    Horatio Nelson. SDR? What SDR?
    Mary Millington, my second heroine!

    A diverse selection I think you'll agree!! :oops:
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    And ask him onto Jeremy Kyle for a DNA test.

    I'm going for Micheal Jackson. Then the fiddling cunt gets interrogated under hot lights and bursts into flames for a second time.
  20. Two things I'd like to bring back are hanging, and Ron Jeremy.

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