I am over the moon being one of the first 3 to pass the AIB Direct Entrant Petty Officer Technician

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Hooly, Dec 6, 2015.

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  1. On the 3rd /4TH December three of us passed the AIB to become DEPOT we will be going to Raleigh in April
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  2. Thanks really looking forward to it
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  4. We attended the actual AIB in HMS Sultan PLT, interview, written engineering case study, engineering practical synario, the whole 9 yards
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  5. Congrats.

    I'd be very interested in whatever details you have shippers. I currently meet the criteria for direct entry PO due to my civvy job, experience and quals. However in the RNR engineering branch I cannot progress past AB because no mechanism exists to promote people. Basically you join at the rate you left the RN at and stay there forever.

    It's no one's fault, they obviously can't send reservists on the full LET / POET course, however I think there is a case to be made for suitable engineers to go through a similar route to you, but in the reserves.

    If I'm qualified and experienced to join the RN off the street as a PO, why can't I just become one in the RNR?

    Food for thought.
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  6. 2DD because if the RNR did something that made you happy your head would explode.

    And that would make CMR's figures look bad. So that can't happen.
    Check the CMRTM, it's all in there.

    Oh and congrats to Hooly.
  7. I've got big love for the RNR at the moment shippers. They're finally letting me go on ships and **** around with massive guns, which is why I joined in the first place.

    Apparently I'm going to Bahrain in the New Year.

    Good shit, however it only appears to exist in my branch.
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  8. I've got to do some cool stuff where I am, but it doesn't hurt that I actually am a rocket scientist and I found one of the parts of the RNR that thought that was really useful and that wanted me to use that for them.

    Still not sure if it would ever be safe to meet 2DD for "a pint or two" and just how much trouble he'd get me into :) But give us a shout if you're around Portsmouth with time to kill and feel like meeting up.
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  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Friday Brunch at the Movenpick....... now there was a way to spend an afternoon...
  10. Scuse I silverfox , Northan Monkey here , what is Brunch ?.
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  11. What concerns me about the DEPOT, and indeed the AE branch transferring to ME/WE, is the effect on morale of the Junior rates when they see a potential slowing down of promotion prospects. How does a CPOAET transferring to ME get the respect of his juniors when he has literally no experience?
  12. Fair point, but my personal circumstance is that I did 22 years in the Army (REME senior rank) and have worked tri services and have carried out 6 operational tours and countless training exercises. The other lad done hard time on the rigs running gangs in papa newguiny etc, the selection to even get to the AIB is rigorous and extremely choosy.
  13. A chief is a chief, regardless of whether they used to be a WAFU. A few weeks back I was working with a CPOAET on phalanx. Apart from his utter disdain at our atrocious tool control, you'd never know the difference. There are other small units out there where WAFUs and GS engineers mix. When I was on RFANSU (now called MASF), there were only about 12 of us, so we all got stuck into the same jobs regardless of branch.

    The direct entry lads might have a slightly harder time, but I'm guessing there won't be a huge amount of them. Their real test will be in their engineering ability, not how clued up they are on Jack speak and bat polishing.

    It's not massively new. I knew a Chief stoker who used to be a REME staff sergeant and transferred straight across. It was his first time on a ship and he was one of the best chiefs onboard.

    Might be different for someone with no military experience, but if they're switched on (which they've obviously proved by getting in), they'll be up and running very quickly. If sprog Tarquins and Hermiones can dive straight in to leadership roles after a few months at Dartmouth, these guys with real world experience will breeze it.
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  14. Alternatively having a few more SRs who are motivated and themselves wanting career progression might do more to help the JRs become SRs rather than have gapped SR positions, or having a SR who has been broken from constant thrashing.

    I'd suggest chronic undermanning is a far bigger threat to retention than actually having enough people to fill all the jobs required.
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  15. Very good point. In my civvy job we have a shortage of engineers at my level. The lads below us don't want to work for promotion into the (slightly) higher paid jobs because they see us being worked ragged.

    It's the same in the mob. The pay difference between a senior killick and a reasonably fresh PO isn't enough to justify the massive increase in workload and responsibility that currently exists due to gapping.
  16. @ninja-stoker - So not what we call an AIB, but held AT the AIB?
    Just to clear it up in my tiny brain
  17. The only difference is the potential officers do an essay instead of an engineering case study and the planing exercise is an engineering one, the rest was the same so the board president said
  18. I am obliged to you Sir. Er, I mean PO
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