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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Merlin28, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. As the title say's I am moving house 1st of February. I am well excited and busy getting rid of all the crap I have accumilated over six years and packing the rest. I am now only ten minutes walk from restaurant street, bar street and the shopping centre no more living in the country for me. I used to have to drive for 20 minutes to get to the nearest town. I know no one will care but I thought I would share this info anyway
  2. I am doing the complete opposite.

    Come May, I hope to be as far away from restaurant street, bar avenue and shopping mall boulevard as humanly possible.

    I can't fucking wait to get out of London.
  3. Fair enough I am sure the novelty wears off in time but london is well busy 24/7. Whereas the town I am moving too is only greater london so not quite the same as everything shuts at 2am.
  4. It's not just the shops and bars I want to get away from, I just hate being in town, the novelty for me has well and truly worn off now, although I would recommend living in town for a bit. I still can't work out how Country people pull birds.

    I'm looking forward to being able to have an open fireplace, a dog, park my car outside my house and being able to say goodbye to traffic, congestion charge, ridiculous council tax, ridiculous parking permit charge, ridiculous council rules and my cunt of a next door neighbour.
  5. They don't pull birds they just shag the animals and relations. Parking potentially could be a nightmare for me as it's free street parking but I have seen a few industrial/retail estates or I can leave the car at work and ride to work when I need the car it's only 6 miles away. No council tax anymore (£95 a month) for me as it's a houseshare with bills and broadband included. Basically I have reduced my rent and bills by 50% because I am no longer living on my own in the middle of nowhere. Also I won't lose half my freeview channels in the summer when the trees grow leaves, so I can watch re-runs of top gear on dave all summer long.

    Good luck with finding somewhere out of town it does have bonuses I couldn't hear a sound after 10pm where I lived. Also my old place was five minutes walk from a lake which was great for fishing and bbq's and it was also only ten minutes drive to wisley gardens or Virginia waters. My new place is five minutes walk from the thames so I can admire the rats and shopping trollys instead.
  6. Watches Top Gear....Mmmmm....says it all really....:winkrazz:
  7. I know the shame....at least it's not Glee, Vampire diary's or Jeremy Kyle
  8. Yep, your relations. Most noticeably your wok-eyed, toothless, obese mother. Who also laps at cock like a dog on a leaky hosepipe so she ticks both boxes.

    You city dwelling bellfrond.

    We trap birds because we are all rich from selling on red diesel and pathetic corners of our vast land to southern morons. We then buy the land back for nothing when they have to file for bankruptcy once caught with dodgy diesel and also can't get planning permission for the abomination they would have thrown up.
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  9. wet_blobby

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  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Mate, I appriciate your efforts but there's three of us truckies sharing the house, I aint sharing a room with one of those hairy arrsed neanderthals.
  11. Jeez you'd think the Estate Agent or who ever took the phots would spend five minutes and tidy the place up a wee bit...hold on that's after the clean up isn't it!:-D

    Couldn't you find somewhere a little more salubrious?
    A bijou apartment H/CRW, GFCH, OSP, 5 Mins from shops and station in Central Kabul springs to mind.:laughing2:

  12. Sorry mucker, perhaps this will suit you more. I hear good things about Compton. Apparently the wildlife is good, you hear of "Porch monkeys" whatever they are and the locals lay on fireworks.

    The real estate listing at 13130 South Willowbrook Avenue Compton CA - Homes for Sale - MLS #Y1005218 - Realtor.com®

    There was a place in Mosul too but I'm a bit scared of the website.

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