I am looking to join the navy as a submariner

how long roughly does it take to get a start date I know this question is a bit of a mine field I just want an idea of time I would like to go in as a engineering technician weapons submariner any advise would be much appreciated thanks.


I applied for the same thing in August and I've been given a start date for the 25th May 2014

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Well I haven't started yet but I'm really looking forward to it lol May cant come quick enough

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Wotcha m8.

U cn expect a w8 of @ 6 months-ish for ET(WESM)

(I'm down with the kids, me).

That took me awhile to work out, just like the text my kids send, they say the English language evolves, in to what?
At least he has a good choice, SUBMARINER

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