I am Leaving this forum forever.


Lantern Swinger
Clouseau said:
silverfox said:
Concur the thoughts above.

I was introduced to this site during a very tedious Op Tour at the beginning of the year by an Army chum who was keen for it to become as popular as ARRSE. What strikes me now though is that no matter what thread you look at, sooner or later it becomes a 'things aren't as good as they used to be' rant by some former matelot.

I presume all the above has been generated by UA's latest outburst - but quite frankly what on earth was all that doing on a thread titled - 'what are you doing right now'?
The earlier point about maintaining relevance etc was very well made and the policy makers on this site would do well to take note.

I am all in favour of free speech and there is room on here for all, however if there were such forums as ' Bigotted ex-stokers ranting room' - then we would know where to go if we wanted to read that sort of stuff, and leave the interesting bits for those of us who want something more.

The sort of comments you see on here to date will do nothing to encourage the younger serving element to join - which would be a great shame. I had the somewhat unique experience of lecturing on a defence subject to one of my courses and then continuing the debate in complete anonymity with several syndicate members on this site..

and thats MY rant..

the other and undoubtedly more silver SF

I agree and only goes to support an earlier thread I added to. I am disappointed by the content of these forums. They are not a place where current and relevant RN/RM issues are discussed. They appear to be of no value to serving members of the Service, but simply, as you said, a ranting shop for ex service personnel and civilians with tenuous and dodgy connections to us.

I am not saying ex service and civilians are not welcome <waits for a rant anyway>. It is vital for the Armed Services to represent the population it serves. It is just that threads are either hijacked or the content becomes banal and irrelevant. There are forums set aside for that - use them.

I have already considered leaving the site to it's own devices but believe it could offer so much more.

Well there is a solution to that...get stuck in

BTW a lot of material on MBs is 'banal and irrelevant'. Its the online equivalent of talking to strangers in the pub - you don't expect to discuss existentialism or the growing controversies in particle physics

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