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I am Leaving this forum forever.


War Hero
There was and still is no reason for any moderation on Clouseau`s thread. But to strut around deleting with gay abandon is IMHO totally out of order. To produce input here with stories poems funnies and banter takes time and effort and to be honest with an average of about 14 people on line I’m beginning to wonder if there is any point
So now, the end is here, I mean if she insists on this victimisation then I can see no option but to face the final curtain, but friends I want to make it clear and state my case before I go of which I’m certain.
I can’t help it if I’ve lived a life that’s full and travelled the world on the grey funnel line on each and every sea way, and on here I didn’t ever look for more, but was content to just have my say. Regrets? Yes I must admit there have been a few over the last few months but then again too few to mention, the trick of course is to turn the other cheek and see it through without exemption, though to be honest I do follow a charted course with my posts and take careful steps along the byway but more much more than this is not to do it in a flyway.
Of course as with any forum there were times, I’m sure you knew, when perhaps I bit off a little bit more than I could chew, we all do but I knew my friends here would put me back on the right track, so through it all, when there was doubt, I just got up on my soapbox took a deep breath and spit it out, it worked for me and I will always believe you can face it all and still stand tall if you do it in a nice way.
Since this forum started in February we have loved and laughed and cried, we’ve had walts and scams and losers, but I think its fair to say that if you look hard enough you can always find stuff that is amusing and I think , in my own shy way I have contributed, however when good stuff on here is deleted by an over zealous moderator and may I say in a particularly sly way, then that’s no good for me or the membership and we end up with a bad day.

So goodbye Janner, rosi, andy, steve, levers, geof, needledick and everyone who knows me. I am gone


For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows and…… did it…. my way.

You sure you ain't made for theatre? Bit of a drama queen :roll:

Laters, until next time.......................
Seems a bit ripe to me Jenny, deleting UA's posts, yet letting the obnoxious Levers alligned free to run riot, and foul mouth anybody who dares to have a different opinion to his.
i have to agree with roof rat here jen, you've moderated a few posts on here some that i have posted on and one that i felt obliged (being a gentleman) to apologise to you for in case i had caused offence, yet mister levers seems to be able to run amok un checked on here with foul language and abusive comments to anyone that disagrees with his point of view (yes thats just about everyone). Other people have been given oxygen thief labels for a lot less. Haven't you Lingy :lol:
RoofRat said:
Seems a bit ripe to me Jenny, deleting UA's posts, yet letting the obnoxious Levers alligned free to run riot, and foul mouth anybody who dares to have a different opinion to his.

Point it out to me, I missed that one. Like I said previously, if people have a different opinion please PM me. UA has had a discussion with me a while back regarding his posts, I will apologise if I missed out something I should have looked over with LA.

With Ling, this is different and has be dealt with, he knows this and I can be assured what was thought to be wrong has been made right, I can only Mod the forum I am a Mod to, if other members are pulling a fast one on another section, please approach that mod via PM.
jen, basically all you need to do is look at any of his posts on any thread, but particularily the more recent ones where his language and ranting has become ever more prevallent. I'm standing by for abuse from him for daring to mention him at all 8O
mazza_magoo said:
jen, basically all you need to do is look at any of his posts on any thread, but particularily the more recent ones where his language and ranting has become ever more prevallent. I'm standing by for abuse from him for daring to mention him at all 8O

But this isn't in the Qtr deck, if I am right in saying, you are referring to the current section, news etc, as before mentioned, please approach the Mods in question, we can only do so much if it isn't posted in our area.

Mods also have other things to do, just like members, we can not be here 24/7 to baby step each and every post. As members, if you feel something is out of place, PM a Mod, we can only help so much. Help us to help you. If you feel that this is not happening, I am sure the CO's will review each issues, you can PM them on Bad_CO or Good_CO.
People will know that I don't mess about, however, those who have had a run in or two have received PMs from myself. UA trying to display a recent PM from me was a childish act in a way. Nice to see that he hadn't explained his previous history of not so nice PMs :wink:

As for LA, I've read a few posts and he seems to get worse when he receives a bite from some one, approach PTP, he is a good Mod, for those who know him on Arrse. Maybe ignoring idiots will breed them out? Who knows but it's not an every day thing, they crawl out their holes every now and then 8O
UA speaks a lot of sense with gentle good humour (sorry is that a bit twee and un-fashionable in this day and age?)

RR will be a poorer place without him, I for one wish him well (and believe there will be a good few that share my sentiments)
In general any forum is likely to be the poorer for the loss of a sensible contributor, and whilst from time to time I may not have seen eye to eye with UA I would class him as a sensible contributor.

Even so we cannot force any one to stay and he wants to take his ball else where that is fully his right.

Whilst I can understand JD taking umbridge at an attempt to post a PM that is a priviledge only she has, and perhaps if a more open moderation policy was in force such spats may not occur

As I have not seen the offending bit I wil not comment further on this.

There are several here who respond robustly but that's life and if you can't take it here, well?

Maxi, I do understand what you have posted, where as open, well I am open as a mod but there are some things that just do not hold up. I was mixed up between Uncle_Albert and UncleAlbert and I think a few members still are confused by this (I have apologized to U_A regarding this).

Let me explain a little to the history;

UA started off as a good member to RR, however, he took concern when U_A joined, the PMs I will keep clear of this, he then started to worry that U_A would take an offensive stance on UA. So as a Mod, I took concern and watched. U_A seemed not to be a bother but UA did a 360 degree about turn and started rising to things. Eventually a few members, who no longer feel the need to post due to this, were personally targeted by UA, reasons being, who knows but they were of the female kind, some of them. After viewing certain things, I was willing to leave it be until the PMs from UA become personal and offensive, this I did not understand due to the fact that I had not responded this way to him.

Since then, UA has taken a perch on a personal level with moi, I am not bothered, waste of time really, and however he has been previously warned of his actions.

Now if you feel the above is something you never were aware of, I apologise. But I have received a few PM's wanting to know why, therefore in the best interests of RR, I have posted this. I feel PM's are standing for PRIVATE MESSAGES and shouldn't be aired. Therefore I thought it be best to post this little post to inform those not in the know.

NOW if any one still feels I acted unfairly, please feel free to drop me a PM.

As for this thread, UA is an attention seeker and we are still feeding him.

Ever love Jenny
UA there is no need to go, The quarterdeck is listed as an on line run ashore, which it clearly is not, just stay out of the quarterdeck as this is our Jenny`s play pen. After UAs diatribe jenny asked him to explain, i wrote whats to explain it makes sense to me. That too was deleted, when i asked why i was met with stony silence, then she says if you want a debate PM me, what sort of debate is that? If it was a PMS debate i`d probably get my nuts stapled to the floor, then we were informed not to slag off "esp ladies ration"whatever that means, now i`m as thick as pigsh*t and if i could understand UA posting what does that say about our Jenny, now i await from our resident linguist, some remarks about my manhood or whatever, i only hope that she takes the time to check her spelling on her Grammer Check.
Hig grammer and spelling is fine but thank you for the concern. Stop chasing for a fight :wink:

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