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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bods_A_Way, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. I am due to join the Navy in the next couple of Months as a Marine Engineer (Submariner). i am really looking forward to this new life etc. But has anybody got any advice or guidance for a young (20 something) entrant?
  2. To start off with, there are only two types of vessels in the world, submarines and TARGETS. Anyone who sails in or on a 'target' is a 'SKIMMER'. Skimmers are treated by Submariners with utter contempt and disdain, they shouldn't even occupy the same ocean. This of course is reflected on your payscale, being paid HUGE amounts of money for the priviledge of manning one of Her Majesties 'Boats'. This in turn means that you will know MUCH MUCH more than a skimmer, hence your difference in pay. (This should be reminded to skimmers at every opportunity) You being, or are hoping to be, a Submariner, is to elevate you to a status you will never before have dreamed. Better even than being a celebrity on Big Brother. You will also be the ultimate Professional when at sea doing your job to your utmost capability, knowing that you cannot afford to make the slightest mistake ever, the whole boat , not to mention your mates lives will depend on it.Ashore , you can be the biggest O.D. that ever walked Gods earth, but people will understand totally, it being part of being a Submariner. Skimmers will stand back in awe of you, your HM Submarines cap talley and Dolphin badge instilling fear and respect in them so much that they hand over their girls to you and make way for you at the Bar.

    The very best of luck to you in your new career and life. Enjoy it!
  3. Unfortunately you are to Young to have passed your Part 1 training at HMS Ganges the premier training establishment EVER. Then you could have been the ceme-del-la-creme that sits at the top of the Submariners Tree.

    Best advice is keep your ears open and yer gob shut until you find your feet. Then you will become part of an elite world wide, cross borders club of The Submariner.

    Best of luck, we just hope there are still boats for you to take to sea by they time you get there.

  5. All very true but you will smell really baaad! Worked in SM2 for a while, didn't have to look up to know that there was somebody at my desk! In my defence I may have dalied with one or two so don't shoot me down in flames :lol:
  6. You could recreate the experience of going to the Premier Public School for Ratings - the Andrew's Eton... before you leave home...

    1) Ask a stranger off the street to shave all your hair off except for a small patch on top (you'll look silly for a bit).

    2) Get a local fat skinhead to shout at you only 6 inches from your face, words that would make you dad blush!

    3) Climb up the nearest tall building on the outside then when you are at the top shin along the flagpole and stand on the end and salute passing seagulls.

    4) Cry yourself to sleep every night.

    5) Have an ice cold shower every morning at 0530.

    6) Eat soap... and that's the real reason why submariners never washed - instead of using their pussers hard for washing with, having acquired a taste for eating it at Ganges (as a food suppliment) they never got out of the habit. Even to this day if you see an ex-submariner foaming at the mouth, it's not Rabies, it's Ganges!

    At this point I better hand over to those who actually went to the place and are missing their time there, to explain how to recreate HMS Ganges in your own home...

    Hope you enjoy being an underwater Stoker and are handy with a shovel? I presume you realise that you can't pop outside for a fag if you need one under the Arctic ice? :wink: :lol:
  7. Nutty yer 'avin' a laff, :lol: Ganges was for babies leaving school at fifteen,
    you weren't even allowed to put in for boats untill you were eighteen :shock: , St Vincent was the place to join. :wink:
  8. I am with you all the way with that one electric_c!! ((ex St. Vincent!) :razz:

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