I am Impressed.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by finknottle, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Having had the privilege of attending 45 Sergeants Mess Crimbo Ball last weekend I was particularly impressed with this functional design feature in the heads.

  2. Raleigh SR's has the same, they're perfect.
  3. How things have moved on where health and safety is concerned. :)
  4. They have them at Bordon too, except they are individual ones set at different heights, the high one has the names of lanky fcukers engraved on a plaque beneath it and the low one has the names of the shortarses engraved beneath it.

    Best piss I have ever had.
  5. Much more civilised when you have imbibed a wee drappy too much than stoting your skull on those hard cold tiles.
  6. One for you old 45 Royals.

  7. If Heineken did Commando Units.....
  8. :?: Is that a Royal in a little Black number at stage left.........?

    ( 8O ...............I'll get my coat)
  9. It's a lady who has just been out the back for one; cigarette that is.

    On this occasion there was no sign of the alternative dress code. :)

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