I am hiding in here to escape the march of the MODS

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. It has been suggested that I and a group known only as the gang of 4 are using Diamond lills to ensure our postings are not erased. :evil:
    As far as I am concerned, and I speak only for myself this is completely untrue. I am also using the gash barge! :lol:
  2. It was never explained why my name and Lings was mentioned in that very post, the gang of four, by the way Slim who recruited you?
  3. Beats the shit out of me!Who is suggesting such a heinous crime?
  4. Sorry Higs but if I told you I would have to shag you, and as I'm straighter than AAC ruler this could never happen! :lol:
  5. If you're straighter that my circular ruler below then you're still bent mate! :lol: Looks like you'll have to shag Higgy. (I'm feeling jealous) :grin:

  6. Higs wouldn't be interested, Slim's not French. :lol:
  7. Not sure I know what you lot are talking about but I'll join in anyway!
  8. Me thinks this gang of Four were all recruited whilst undergrads at Cambridge and along with some woofter called Blunt a mate of HRH and have been passing on highly confidentail rubbish about RR and its many Liberal Contributors to highly placed members of that well known anti British organisation UKIP.

    But fear not a contract has been placed with some well known armed 15 year olds in Streatham so beware of Souff Lunnun accents.

    Please make all further posting on


  9. Had to pick this up Nutty from your OZ site

    Learn how to play Pussers Ludo,

    scuse me please going to wank myself silly

    And why would anyone think that a young fit French Girl is not worth a shag? Especially in the South of France and Daddy had a boat (it`s so cheap to say Yacht)
  10. Damn, I'm not a French bloke! :sad:

    I think Nutty should post that piccy of your French "Girl" friend Timba for us all to see... :twisted:
  11. It`s hard to think what your point of view is AAC, Unless you have shagged a French Woman, or indeed any other woman, I dont understand what your `e trying to say, However never ever having had a cock shoved up my arse, I suppose that makes us even.
  12. Just for you AAC a copy photo, naked of Hig's french lady "Timba"


    Oh! yes she is a DOG, pedigree Breton Spaniel.

    Luvs Ya Higs :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    PS Then Higs would never go for a kraut and stoop as low as a Dachshund
  13. Higgy never told us the French bird wore a Dog Collar! :eek: Crafty bugger! :wink: :lol:
  14. Theres a stirring in my loins.

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