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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, May 11, 2015.

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  1. To be fair, he DID resign.

    But it has worked out well for all concerned. Luckily.
  2. He did, but it was the 'he has now withdrawn his resignation' bit that got me!
  3. 'When he first handed in his resignation he said he was quite likely to put himself up for re-election when the post was advertised to UKIP members. The UKIP National Executive seems to have saved him the trouble and themselves the bother of running an election for leader.
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  4. It was the political equivalent of an internet forum flounce. I wonder if he's currently looking into ways of hastily deleting all reference he previously made of it being impossible for him to lead UKIP without a Westminster seat?

    Just another lying, back-tracking Tory, albeit one with a different coloured rosette.
  5. Changed that for accuracy MLP.
  6. Yaaawwwwwnnnnn!
  7. Yeah, I'm tired of him too. It's like Police Academy 4. The novelty's worn off now and any entertainment value has gone.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The thing about "our Nige" besides heading-up a party that managed to gain 3.8 million votes for one seat in Westminster versus 4.2 million Scots, of whom fewer than half voted, for 59 seats, is that he has adopted perfectly reasonable populist themes such as independence from Europe, rational immigration legislature, etc.

    The "main" parties are worried, so they simply ridicule & smear UKIP in the hope the terminally gullible believe their porky pies.

    Everyone knows that if there's a EU referendum before 2020, the UKIP brand name may well become redundant & with it, the Tories hope, the threat.

    What we are looking at is career politicians who actually value their job more than their fundamental party manifestos - Look no further than Clegg to witness the trouncing delivered by those who go back on their word.
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  9. Hear Hear! My wife and I are proud to have voted UKIP and will do so again at every opportunity.

  10. Meh, even the Sun and the Mail have circulations of 2,000,000 is each. There's simply no accounting for poor taste, people even buy Vauxhalls. As of ridicule and smear? Look at what Ed Miliband had to go through in the press, far worse than UKIP had to put up with. His crime was to look a bit awkward (and have Ed Balls anywhere near him which to be fair is a crime in anyone's book). As for the terminally gullible believing lies, UKIP prey on people's confirmation bias with swollen statistics, smoke, mirrors, spin and half truths. Exactly the same as any other party. The only difference is that UKIP aim very, very low indeed, using anger as a fuel and the ignorance and inherent unpleasantness of their target demographic to suck up everything they say. Farage is the Pied Piper of Hamelyn, leading all the nasty little rats to the ballot box by making them angry enough to put down their Daily Express and actually leave the safety of their little English castle.

    That's a silly statement, what if they change their direction? What if they reign themselves in? Or worse, really cut loose and head further right? That's no better than being a legacy voter.
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  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I always thought myself left rather than right. After the damage Blair did, followed by Brown and the fact the best they could muster was Ed with the threat of a coalition with SNP, the outcome is hardly surprising.

    UKIP, as stated, are a bit of a one hit, one man party. If it rattles Cameron, then that's not a bad thing - particularly if they resemble a Jiminy Cricket of conscience and make Dave hold a referendum he doesn't want but has to accept - whatever the democratic outcome.

    Liberal? What's the point? We already know they value the job more than moral ethics.
  12. The outcome is unsurprising and I certainly don't disagree with anything you've written above. Frankly they're all bellends, just at differing levels. I now vote with my conscience and morals rather than any tactical political thought. It just doesn't make any difference any more.
  13. Ah but Monty it does make a difference, if all those voters had sided with Milliband we would now be facing the meltdown of GB Ltd. I for one am glad the Tories have got a second stint, at least 'call me Dave' seems to be making progress, which is a dammned sight more than the last Labour government managed.
  14. Progress? I don't see it. We're melting down anyway, the only difference between governments is we blame someone different.
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  15. Can you quantify that, and to which "Golden Era" of UK history are you comparing UK today with?
  16. Perhaps he's referring to Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeurs's.....
    " Here individuals of all races are melted into a new race of people"
  17. This could well happen in years to come considering all the different races that call Blighty home nowadays. Get all this lot interbreeding we could well get a new race of Khaki coloured Church of England Orthodox Muslims!
  18. I'm not, I didn't say anything about a Golden age anywhere. The UK has always been shite, just differing shades and stench. There is this hilarious imaginary vision of the 1950's where everyone was rich, opened doors for each other, wore hats, crime was non-existent, you saw your GP in three seconds flat, there was no traffic jams, everyone was white and Johnny Foreigner was nowhere to be seen. That non-existent ideal is seemingly what UKIPPers want us to return to and seem to think that's all achievable by voting for a single Tory in sheep's clothing and his joke of a party. All under the guise of "It's to send a message to the main partiers" Yeah, ok. Sure it is.

    Meanwhile, outside that complete political parody of itself, in more important news and in the larger circus tent; our national debt is still increasing, GDP growth has stalled, more spending cuts are on the horizon, our Forces and public services are shrinking and vastly underfunded, we have 2 million people unemployed (but it's ok, those figures are kept lower than 2008 thanks to zero hour contracts, **** the poor, and **** income tax revenue as long as the unemployment figure looks manageable). 1,000,000 food bank users, nobody can afford property, wage (non) growth, cutting carers allowance, taxing disability benefit, cutting disabled assistance to work, failing transport networks, failing education with more cuts to schools on the horizon, unreformed political funding, a mismanaged NHS, crime rates starting to climb again, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc... What has improved? What is going to?

    But it's ok, Dave, George and their mates will fix it all. Just like Ed and Ed would have. The future's bright.
  19. OK, MLP. You sometimes come up with great points. On this occasion, you come over as bitter and twisted, which I suspect you are not.
    To avoid being so tagged - unless, of course, that's your intention - what positive ( and serious) steps would you take to fix the economy and the country?

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