I actually like a defense secretary!

Of course, his grandfather was a gunner in the first world war, he must be ok.

Dink - he is a politician, and a LABOUR politician at that so whatever he says is all encryption of 'my pension is rising higher and higher every day' paid for by you dumb peasants.
Mr Hutton is safe in the knowlege that none of his recent predecessors have been any good so the Labour anthem "things can only get better" seems appropriate.We read the spin let us see if he "walks the walk as well as talking the talk"
He grew up in the swinging sixties then, so I suppose it's safe to assume he gave more attention to dungaree wearing, bra burning feminists, than servicemen. In fact, he may have (being of the Left Wing persuasion) even denounced the average serviceman.

But who am I to say?

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