I’ve just past my aptitude test and interview for the RN AET


I have been given a few tips by the ma’am who interviewed me and, she said I needed to touch up a bit on my knowledge of what the AET training involves and what happens once I finish training. I am seeking any previous/current AET’s out there t help me. What does the training involve once you finish your 10 week basic training at HMS Raleigh and, what does the life of an AET involve once you have finished all training, i.e, where can you be deployed to work, what can you be working on and who can you be working with. What kind of work will it encounter.

I’d like to think I’ve covered most of the things I should know during the joining process. Any more tips or any other advice is very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance


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Try typing AET in the search function and select search titles only, that will give you lots to read.

Well done so far, good luck


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Phase 2 largely involves:
- Weekly exams comprising of list-learning, diagram reproduction and list-learning.
- Enforced phys (the session, 90% of the time, will be made up by the PTI six minutes before your scheduled beasting, usually entitled 'body weight circuit').
- Weekly divisions. If you're lucky then maybe one week you won't be on the back row. Don't hold your breath.
- Bickering about whether your class is going to march wearing fowlies or not. The girls will want to. If you're male you will win and the class will not. You will get wet and spend the morning in soggy rig pretending you don't care.
- Being woken up by the foxes. Nightly. They will probably steal your beret at some point or, if you're on the ground floor and daft enough to leave your window open at night, your wallet. To retrieve: burrow under the chaplaincy.
- Wandering around Sultan in your Raleigh pass out hoody thinking you're the bee's knees.

Post Ph2A training:
- Posted to either Yeovs or Culdrose (or Marham, depending on when you go through) for Ph2B. You will ask for Yeovilton but most likely end up with Culdrose cos some 17y/o kid has lied and said he's got a missus expecting twins in Yeovs and they've got 5 houses there. The rest of your class will have disabled mothers who need caring for so they will get their preference over you. You will spend 6 months qualifying at Culdrose posting photos of every BBQ you have on the beach to social media in a vain attempt to make your oppos at Yeovil jealous but inside cursing Pusser for, in your head, seeing you right off.
- Qualifying will involve task book 'completion' and more exams: written and a/c walk rounds.

- After that you'll be qualified and wander round in your Sqn T-shirt at every opportunity.
- You will flight service and clean for hangar rounds. That's about it. Occasionally you will marshal, but the aircrew will crack their own detail anyway so don't worry about it.
- You'll spend lots of time in the crew room watching Jezza or The Chase.
- You will have a laugh with the lads and get taken the p*** out of - resign from the PC brigade, work on your sense of humour and get a check on your sense of entitlement - just friendly advice! "

Quoted from @BlueNewt in another AET phase 2 thread.

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