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Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere, but I have a question about the colour perception test. I have been a Warfare bursar for the past few years and had some sort of CP test (Ishihara, I think) back when I applied. I have two questions, really:

1) Having presumably passed the last colour perception test, is this pre-joining one a formality or is there still a reasonable chance I could fail it?

2) Should I fail the test, would that most likely be the end of the road for me with the RN, or might I be able to join a branch requiring lesser colour perception?

Would be gutted to find out that I can't go in September after all of these years looking forward to the prospect of BRNC...


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For what its worth, I sat a colour perception test at BRNC, and as I read it it is only required for certain trades, warfare, WAFU etc.

Hope this helps.

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As far as I am aware (and Angry Doc is the best to seek advice from) colour perception does not change in a short space of time unless perhaps you have suffered damage to your eyes. So if you have passed a colour perception test before then there is nothing to say that you won't pass it again. Standard Ishihara test (lots of coloured dots) is to do with colour blindness. This is nothing to do with your vision or how well you can see i.e. you can have perfect colour perception yet need glasses like milk bottles bottoms. Visual accuity on the other hand can deteriorate over time so as we get older we need to start wearing reading specs.

Certain trades will obviously have to have good CP due to the different colours they need to differentiate between in the course of their job. Likewise certain trades will need not only to have good visual accuity but also a good field of vision.
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