Hyperbaric Medicine Unit opens in Chichester

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by MOD_Joint_Medical_Command, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. in the spirit of " we are all far too busy to monitor every news item that flashes up "

    and because some folk may not have sighted and may have an interest;

    New hyperbaric unit to support Navy diving operations

    3 Mar 10


  2. The Pompey News printed this article with a personal slant by Vice Admiral Ibbotson, an ex-Ships' Diver. The RN website contains this article and the NN website contains this article but they are similar to the MOD website's version.
  3. I am confused by this. I can only assume the RN is involved in this because Haslar is now closed, the pot at QAH in Pompey is just about big enough to recompress a hamster and someone's suddenly thought "oh shit, we still have submariners and divers don't we".

    If they'd have left Haslar open then we wouldn't have to get yet another contract with yet another NHS Trust to outsource experience once held by the RN to a civilian company...
  4. While I agree with your sentiments, the intitial decision for this goes back several years. This is from the minutes of a Royal West Sussex NHS Public Trust Board meeting held at St Richard's on 27 June 2008:

    Royal West Sussex NHS Trust Board Meeting and Papers June 2008
  5. It is indeed a shame when one considers that RN divers and members of the RN Scientific Service (RNSS) once set world records for deep diving, both wet and dry:

    HMS Reclaim - A World Record Breaker
  6. and just as a reminder,

  7. 'Kinnel - they dived at night as well as using a lift-bag....I am in awe.


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