Hydrographic waitng list, worth the wait?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gb84, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. I have passed my selection interview today, only have to complete the fitness test now, however i selected Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Specialist and they told me the waiting list is 2 years. I want to do this job but could anyone tell me if it's worth the wait as i'm already 24? Or should i go another route?
  2. I was going to join the RN in that branch 30 years ago and was told that it would be an 18 month wait. I changed my mind and went for communictor and to be honest have always regreted not waiting and going for the branch I really wanted.

    Can't speak for the job satisfaction within the WS (HM) branch, but I'm sure someone on here will be along with info on the job.


  3. yeah that's my worry, i want to be in tomorrow but i also want this job. thanks
  4. In my humble opinion mate it is worth the wait, small branch, decent deployment opportunities, hands on experience with civillian equipment! And dont listen if they give you the old "you can easily change over trades at a later date!I`ve been in for 9 years mate and am now 26 and i was trying to branch transfer to this and for people already serving to get in to this branch there is currently a 3 year(ish) wait. Now for me to transfer i first request it and have to get manning clearance to leave my branch which only lasts 2 years! I actuall met a guy who waited 2 years then had a course place but oh shit his manning clearance had run out and ws refused on re-application so he lost his place! This means that my position is practically impossible and leaves me no option but to abondon the idea!
  5. No they were quite clear that i can't change trade once i'm in. Thanks for your advice, i'm leaning towards the wait to be honest, i just wanted to hear from someone already in the service.
  6. I did it in the kiwi navy a few years ago before coming over here. Well worth the wait in my opinion.

    You could always join the RNR in the meantime.. give you some training and sea time prior to joining the RN
  7. Hmmm... my mate joined the Navy as a hydrographer and was in training within less than half a year...? Maybe he's not actually a hydrographer...
  8. I passed my recruitment tests yesterday, hoping to go into this branch. Had a good discussion with the guy at the AFCO about this and he was asking why I wanted to do it and was I aware that it was a long waiting list, and from the discussions I had with him I was left very much with the impression that if it is what you really want to do, as it is in my case, then it is very much worth being patient and waiting. There is no point in going for trade that can get you in quick and ending up in a job you hate, read through all the similar posts on here and the advice is always the same, wait for the job you want.
  9. might`ve gone met side, there is a much smaller demand for the met side rather than h side!
  10. I was told you can't select between h and m until the specialist training begins, and the wait for this is 2 years. A bit disappointed but i'll get over it. Thanks for all the replies. I'd still be interested to hear from anyone doing the job.
  11. No way Yeo!!!! You loved it, don't lie!

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