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Hi all,

First of all my sincere apologies if this is a repeat of stuff already around the forum, I did look and I couldn't find anything.

I sat my AIB today as a General Warfare and passed with a score that is "borderline for selection". My board president recommended that I consider the Hydrographic and Meterology Officer as there was an excellent chance I could get in come November as a HM Officer. As I understand it the training stream is the same as General Warfare up until the IWO course when a HM officer goes on and does HM stuff and then serves their first couple of jobs on a survey ship doing hydro and with a NAS (or in support of one) doing met things.

Have I got this right? He also said that I could change to PWO and move (hopefully obviously) to command (which is actually what he did).

Unfortunately I can't direct this question to my AFCO as I'm in Ireland and don't have a permanent AFCO at the moment. We share one and he won't be back over until mid-August which will be too late for the November Selection Board.

Id really appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me on anything related to this...
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My understanding is that this is correct, broadly speaking, you specialise in HM after several years. I had heard recently they were thinking of taking direct entry HM officer at some point. Excellent trade to get under your belt in terms of a post-RN career.
Yeah, this is as a direct entry HM Officer...

I think I just wanted a bit of clarity on it, the debrief itself was all a bit over my head once I heard "Smile, youve passed", and like I said I have to make the decision before my AFCO can give me the longer debrief.
Sorry, didn't read your post properly. If you think you'll find it interesting then go for it, as I said, its a good one to get involved with. Not everybody's cup of tea though!

Apologies for pointing this out but the person you are liaising with is your ACLO, the Area Careers Liaison Officer; the AFCO is the Armed Forces Careers Office itself.

It doesn't really matter but it will sound better when you are in touch with the AIB etc if you say ACLO.
Yeah thats what I figured alright. I think my board president mentioned you have to stay as HM for a fairly short period of time before you get the opportunity to move, so while I think Id find it pretty interesting if the worst came to the worst I could move around relatively easily as Id still be warfare. One to sleep on I think.

Also yeah thanks for that Soleil, I did actually know that just a bit of a read through fail.
I've just asked our HM Officer and he's never heard of a 'direct entry' into his branch. You will still be a Warfare Officer and thus complete all the training, you may then be sent on the HM course to fill a HM Job. Yes, you can go PWO, but it'll be hard work if you've never served on a FF/DD before. I would investigate much further before you accept the offer......
Thanks for all the advice guys, I managed to get in touch with a couple of AFCOs. After much research I decided that I can achieve both my lifelong goal and my longer term aspirations in this role, so I emailed today to change my specialisation and got offered a place in BRNC a hour later. September Entry here I come!

Thanks again guys.


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