Hydrographic And Meteorology Officer

Today I had the first stage in the process of becoming a Met Officer for the Royal Navy.

I passed the initial tests and next step is my eye test and medical.

I was originally applying for warfare officer but was told that theyre inundated with applications so changed to met officer.

Does anyone have any idea of how long the process will take from now, the lady at the recruitment centre was talking about everything in terms of weeks but i was expecting more like months.

Any tips for the process are useful too.


ailish 11

I thought you all went in as Warfare Officer and then did your specialist training after= as my son is wanting to do Oceanography etc as that ties in with his Degree, so at the moment he is still doing this Warfare stuff , i most likely could be wrong
No, im apply as a direct entry specialist, we do all warfare officer training then do 3 courses and a degree in maritime science. Thats my understanding of it.

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