Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by farmer_jack, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon all!

    Well, I have finally had all my bits and pieces processed and done the interview etc so finally get to go to my first drill night in a couple of weeks. Was just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up as to what happens - im prob a few weeks behind the other NE's who signed up after the open evening back in May so do I just slot in to their training group or will they make me wait until the next batch?

    I note that some of you guys have pointed out before that the weeks between joining and getting to Raleigh can be tough as they are fairly dull (?) but Im over the moon that after all the hassle I am finally able to go along!!!

    Anyone with recent experience know what the waiting time between NE and Raleigh is at present? How have you found your first few weeks in blue? :)

    Cheers and regards to all who offered advice



    Yippee! lol ;-)
  2. Well, as the new guy it'll be your turn first in the barrell.

  3. I suppose its always better in it as opposed to over it though! ;-)
  4. Come on Dunkers, wake up .
  5. How long it takes to get to Raleigh is mostly down to you. Normally it would be 16 weekday evenings to cover all the coursework and maybe a couple of weekends to make sure you phys and drill is up to scratch.

    You have to get the ball rolling with the AFCO as soon as possible and they will not chase you, you need to be proactive. I do know some people that have dragged out New Entry for 18 months! Mainly due to being unfit or not attending the Unit regularly enough. As you have been warned there is quite a bit of "death by power point" to start with but that at least means you get 2 weeks of fun stuff at Raleigh instead.

    Good luck with your RNR career, I think you won't regret it.
  6. Thanks for that Phil - it can't be any worse than some of the dire Powerpoint stuff that we have had of late at work. They are currently on a 'Elf and Safety binge - spent a whole day last week learning how to lift a box! lol

    I will def make sure to keep an eye on things so that they dont forget about sending me off for Raleigh :) 16 weeknights sounds manageable. Like most things in life I suppose you just have to suck up the boring bits to get to the good ones!

  7. despite the powerpoint, you'll probably find it all interesting stuff, esp if it's all new to you (as was for me). a major factor though is how organised your unit are at getting hte training sorted out - sometimes it can be a bit ad hoc, and you are bound to end up repeating some stuff. just lump it - not everyone can be there every week, so there has to be a bit of duplication.
    you can get to raleigh within 4 months if you're quick, read your handbook in advance, and show willing - equally if it's more suitable for you time-wise, i met people who'd been in for nearly 2 yrs.
    best of luck and enjoy it!
  8. Ahh HMS Butlins, I mean Raleigh. One word of advice before you do Raleigh make sure you can comfortably do the mile and a half RNRFT when you do your fitness at your unit. Ever ran on astro-turf? well you are more than likely end up going to run on that stuff which takes a lot more energy, I passed all my fitness first time around luckily, avoid doing Remedial training at all costs!
    Remember 'Raleigh does not make you fit, you must be fit for Raleigh.' I can't believe I just said that, that's so anchorfaced!

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