Huzzah! Royal gets a gong.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NZ_Bootneck, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Awesome news about time someone got what they deserved. It's still a pity about the 2 bootnecks hanging off the Apache.
    I think thats the highest award RM have recieved since Thomas Peck Hunter recieved the VC at lake Commacchio 1945.
    Well doine Royal.
  2. BZ Royal, a well deserved award and a fellow Brummie too. :thumright:
  3. Superb!
  4. BZ Royal

    It should still have been a VC as he was "receiving" enemy fire....
  5. BZ Royal. Apparently, it would have been a VC had the Taliban been shooting at them - so describe the blast from a grenade then....??!
  6. Good on him and BZ, but why not a VC?
  7. Well done royal, you guys can be proud.
  8. It appears to be the only GC ever awarded to the Corps, if you ignore a single Albert Medal (predecessor to the GC) awarded to an RMLI officer in 1919.
  9. A very brave young man, well done.
  10. My hat is taken off to him! It obviously wasn't his time to go!

    Well done fella
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    BZ Royal
  12. BZ to you Royal, I salute you and all your comrades
  13. BZ Royal. I too salute each and every one of you serving out there :thanks:
  14. Great job, I thought he'd get the VC. An extremly brave marine, and a brummie too :w00t:
  15. BZ Royal. Well deserved. :thumright: Shame the article doesn't mention the Rubbers mind, but hey ho.
  16. Really don't understand how setting off a booby trap, laid by the enemy one assumes, can constitute not being in the face of the enemy. This should have been a VC, or maybe they've run out of bronze cannons?

    The situation reminds me of the folk song by Harvey Andrews about the guy who smothered a bomb in a Northern Ireland railway station. I don't know what he was awarded, but it was heroism of the most profound kind.
  17. I agree. Was there any news on the 2 Anglians nominated for VC?
  18. Well done Royal. Like a lot of people on here i am puzzled, why not the VC? the George Medal i understood was a civilian award eqivalent to the VC. Can someone out there explain the rules.

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