Hutton is new Secretary of State for Defence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Read his biography the nearest he has \had to a real job was as a Senior Lecture in Law staring at the age of 26 direct from university. Wot the Feck did he know about law other than what others had written. Since then full time Pollie. Add to this that, like Broon, he may have a special interest in p-producing British weapon system's that the Military may not want or need being MP for Barrow on Furness, I think they build warships there don't they???????

  2. I'm no fan of John Hutton but I find this inverted snobbery against academics and politicians is pathetic at times.

    A law lecturer's job is a real job which the bloke had to train hard for and gain two degrees (at Oxford, no less) to earn. I've never done such a job but I can't imagine teaching 30 or 40 students at a time the intricacies of torts is an easy ride. He did it for eleven years as well, so it's hardly as if he jumped straight into Parliament.
  3. Bless :thumright:
  4. We're fortunate in having Hutton as our Defence Minister. Although he no experience of the real world-- he does have some knowledge of Defence----He had a good friend at school who was in the Army Cadets.
  5. Go away Norma you are lowering the tone.

  6. Watched him on the box a few times and like Dessie he can talk for England,no straight answer to a tough question.Still as long as the troops get good gear and good housing he will work.
    Good thing is he is not Hoon!that's a bonus.
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The problem is that people in the legal profession have a high degree of experience of interpreting words from a grammatical and semantic standpoint and take a very "black and white" interpretation. In the real world, we deal in shades of grey, we understand that activities have value rather just cost and that judgements may have to be made about the value of someothing or other - while law is a worthwhile profession, having the country governed by lawyers with their own narrow viewpoint can lead to problems.
  8. It proved to me what tossers lawyers were when Slick Willy (Clinton) was being impeached, and they were arguing about the meaning of the word "yes".

    Why no-one gave him a scud on the back of the head and told him to wind his neck in, I don't know.

    But then they're all lawyers.
  9. The main thing is he is not a Scot. That should get him some slack to find his feet.
  10. John Hutton, eh.

    May as well be Len or Betty for what bloody difference it will make.
  11. It could have been worse. Mandy has a penchant for men in uniform
  12. At least we have a Secretary of State for Defence now.

    Not that it makes any difference: Labour's priority will still be to shaft the forces as much as possible before (hopefully) being removed from power at next available opportunity.
  13. this bloke is an idiot and won't give a straight answer to anyone.

    I'd put him in the same league as Buffoon...
  14. Shaft? The Forces?
    What on earth does that mean.
    Shaft is a common noun --Not a verb.
    Your point is lost by such poor use of the English language. No one will take you seriously until you can write cursivelyand conjugate your verbs.
  15. OK - I can be pedantic too.

    Line 2 - I suspect you meant to put a question mark at the end of the sentence.
    Line 3 - 2 hyphens without a space after the second, inappropriate capitalisation of "Not".

    If you are going to criticise my grammar then the least you can do is get your own house in order.
  16. Not a verb My Arse: "I shafted a right old growler after the club shut last night".
    "Blue watch got shafted again, duty first night in".
    Stop being pedantic and be more constructive please.
  17. More syntax solecisms than grammatical ones in your case I suggest No question mark necessary .It is a rhetorical statement

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