Husband brands his body, only to find wife cheating

Gotta feel sorry for the guy, however, would it ave been more appropriate to have the tattoo of her on his arse?

After 15 happy years with his wife, Alan Jenkins decided it was time for the ultimate expression of love.

So, determined to prove his devotion, he had a lifesize image of her face - along with those of their two daughters - tattooed on his back.

The painful procedure took 20 hours and cost £870.

Unfortunately for the besotted Alan, it also backfired on a monumental scale after Lisa, 36, absconded with a 25-year-old Latvian hunk she had met at work.

Speaking last night, the jilted steelworker, said: "It's a real sickener. I thought she was happy.

"I had it because I thought we loved each other - I feel very betrayed."

Lisa met her new love, fitness instructor Kaspars Gavars, at work and now intends to move him into the family home in Port Talbot, South Wales, - once Alan has moved out.

"I didn't plan to fall in love with Kaspars - it just happened," she said.

"And I never wanted Alan to have my face tattooed on his back in the first place."
Jenny_Dabber said:
TattooDog said:
Bet he's glad he only had 2 kids.
Well, the ones he knows about :dwarf:
It could have been worse - she might have had sextuplets!

Perhaps, instead of forking out all that cash on a tattoo, if he'd paid her more attention and took her out . . . .


War Hero
Worst things to hear as you leave the tattooist's parlour #7:

"That phone call was for you: I hope you meet someone else called Gladys"
Idoit. Love the pictures from the articale too, shes got the same top on in both pics so they blaitently had the family photo, told the gezeer to bugger of while they brought the 'hunk' in, unlucky!!
Oppo of mine had a rose tat with '' I love Kay '' above his left tit when blottoed.......dear John so he had the AY blocked out and ''P NUTS'' added,
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