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Hurricane Maria

I was already a proud mum that my eldest son decided to join the Royal Navy, he has successfully passed the selection process and is currently waiting for a date to join HMS Raleigh. If I was proud before I am even more proud as I saw the support that HMS Ocean, it's officers and crew have provided to the people of Dominica.

We had been privileged enough to be able to make a home on this beautiful island but unfortunately as Hurricane Maria took away access, power and water to our home we had to be evacuated on Thursday. Whilst awaiting evacuation we spoke with other British Nationals who had firsthand experience of direct support, comfort and helicopter rides from HMS Ocean's crew all of whom only had positive thinks to say. We shared the 'lunchboxes' provided by the ship, enjoyed the best cheese and tomato roll ever and even managed to laugh that one of the boxes contained a Jam Sandwich in true Brit style.

Thank you to everyone who has ever provided this type of support during your Naval career, you will never know how great it is to see someone wearing your uniform when you are in a time of true crisis. This news is fantastic for the island:

when the people are facing this level of utter devastation:
Thank you @MotivatingMum for you first hand update on the disaster relief in Dominica. Sadly the news agencies only stick around long enough to witness the destruction and the clear up story is forgotten about. I sincerely hope that you and your family are returned to your homes at the earliest opportunity but I do appreciate that his will take time.
I wish you and everyone else well. In naval terms you posted what is known as a BZ.

What flavour jam was it? I don't do any with seeds in.

Be safe,

Please let me send my best wishes also. I have spent many a deployment in the Windies including Dominica. Absolutely love the place and the people and recent introduced my wife to the area. She would move out like a shot if I let her!
It is a beautiful place and we hope to return home soon but are looking at the best way to help from here. I have never really initiated any fund raising initiatives before so time to develop new skills!
All I can say is that part of my work at this time is directly connected with
the current op (RUMAN) and all the units involved....not that anyone will
believe it.

Happy to help.


Just back from holiday in Barbados. While there we saw daily flights of RAF Hercules aircraft providing relief to the other islands as well as RFA Mounts Bay replenishing (I assume) in Bridgetown.

Great work by UK forces supporting the relief effort. Of course it is a good news story so little coverage outside of Navy News and the likes of this community.
I've been chatting on a regular basis to person or persons unknown probably in a large tent or the
back of a landrover covered in aerials somewhere on the island of Barbados. Just doin'me bit.

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