Hurrican crash at Shoreham airshow..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sussex2, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. A Hurricane has crashed at the annual RAFA at Shoreham airport in Sussex, the pilot was killed.
    This happened yesterday but the full agenda today is due to go ahead.
    I feel all our feelings are with the relatives of the pilot.
    The RAFA like all service charities needs every penny it can get and I hope all those planning to go turn out and empty their pockets.
  2. Always so sad to lose a pilot in this way. R.I.P
  3. A sad loss.

    And a shame to loose the plane, who`d of thought that something designed to last a couple of months would still be flying 60+ years latter !!
  4. A sad and unfortunate loss.
    It is getting harder and harder to keep those "Old Ladies" in the sky safely though.
  5. There will always be the tempation to push that little bit extra to give the public a thrill..
    Airshows, just like motor racing are inherently dangerous; which is all part of it and why we go along I suppose.
    Our other place (hence the user name) is just 500m from the airport and on air show weekend the place is mobbed. This is the oldest registered airfield in the UK, with the terminal building used as the 30's airport in a lot of TV programmes and films.
    You can fly to a few destinations from there - plus (no excuse for the free ad on account of yesterdays prang) it has the quickest route to central Paris in the region, with Skysouth airlines.
    Shoreham is a wicked piss up destination having been a very busy port in its' time; loadsa real ale pubs and some halfway decent grub.
    See to get more of a flavour of the place.
    Right, that's the commercial break, now where is my pre lunch drink thanks?
  6. I was at Woodford when David Moore crashed in his spitfire in 1992.

    That thing was spluttering and farting all over the show first time ever I have seen a spit come in for a touch and go it was obvious he was going to land.

    Then the merlin kicked into life and up he goes again. Five minutes later we had a fireball he was dead. Then we had the surge of ghouls trampling each other to get a better view. Of course Britsh Aerospace say it was pilot error we say different. The F18 Hornet from the Saratoga was nearly on the scoreboard that day when viewing the video later. Another foot and his port wing would have been in the deck

    Spitfre crash vid below

    My condolences to the family of the Hurricane pilot.
  7. Backpacker1uk

    A merlin engined aircraft with the throttle closed, fine pitch, and engine idling will allways splutter and pop on finals, doing a touch and go as soon as the pilot opens the throttle the merlin should pick up cleanly again. The utube Spitfire prang looks like he started his loop at too low an altitude. I think pilots of old aircraft should treat them with more respect than they seem to be doing latley.
  8. Mate of mine was ex RAF and he was there and said the mixture was wrong he was with another group.

    I have seen spits zillions of times and none ever sounded like that one.
  9. Backpacker1uk

    Your Air Force mate might be correct about fuel mixture, bearing in mind that the mixture can be richened or leaned by a lever in the cockpit, so if this was set incorrectly it would still be pilot error. I remember flying to Woodford late fifties, Debden, Shawbury, Woodford, Jurby, Aldergrove, happy days.
  10. Was the report that it was involved in a mock dog-fight and got it wrong correct or not does anyone know?

    Condolences to the pilot's family and friends.
  11. There's a vid of the shoreham Hurricane on the 'Language problem '
    Posting .Click on the video site its on the other vids listing.

    Total burnt out wreckage ----engine and prop in front of wreckage
    not buried pilot could have been trying to do a wheels up landing.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Even if you were an air accident investigator Oil Slick, I think it's a bit early for conclusions and blame. Your post was deleted.
  13. Sad loss, condolences to the family.
    For those not familiar with such aircraft, the pre-descent checks and downwind checks include a check of the mixture setting; on older real aircraft (Chipmunk, Tiger Moth, Hurricane etc) the prop, throttle and mixture levers are all set together, therefore on overshoot or rolling you just grab a hand full of levers and shove them all forward. Sorted.

    PS Was this a BBMF aircraft?
  14. We have an ex Spanish Air Force Spitfire pilot to lunch today and he has his own opinion about the Shoreham Hurrricane (different flying qualitities)crash.
    He thinks that those in the UK who continue to fly these things are like demi gods, and worthy of much praise. He'll not have a word said against them; him coming from a country which in the past had more than enough foreign interference.
    We'll be raising a glass to the lost pilot shortly.
  15. I too was at Woodford that day the Spitfire piled in; on the South side with an uninterrupted view. It was the last of a series of loops and I was expecting to see him roll off the top. He didn't and missed his last chance to clap on to this mortal coil. It's so easy to get carried away in aerobatics.

    The Shoreham Hurricane was not of the BBMF and was from Breighton, Yorks. It was privately owned and flown by a very experienced vintage aeroplane pilot. RIP Brian Brown.


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