Are there many in HM Armed Forces who's be interested in hunting antelope in South Africa?

My good friend is a qualified Professional Hunter based over there, and is licenced to take groups out on hunting excursions into the bush. He is able to supply appropriate rifles, and give instruction where necessary.

He is able to organise taxidermists (mounting of heads and skins), but tries to encourage shooting for the pot rather. For those unable to take the meat & biltong back, it is donated to local disadvantaged people.

If there seems to be much enthusiasm for this, I'll take things further and try organise an trip.
No need to travel so far Ireland beckons all those who wish to keep the jolly sport of hunting with dogs alive. Why not try deer carting.



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If you are going to eat it, then shoot it. If you are trying to make to make the sport more socially acceptable by intimating that the carcass will be given to the hungry then F.R.O.


Yip, that's correct Civvy, it's what I've always done. I'm not going to make that demand of people I take along though.

It's obviously not a widely known fact on this board that hunting is the number 1 provider of revenue to nature conservation in southern Africa. Without hunting, there wouldn't be nearly as many conservation areas as there currently are, and far less little bambis for all the tourists to ride around looking at.


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Yarpies (South Africans) are puffs :mrgreen: . Back in 2000 my boss, ( country lad, grew up on farm etc) asks me if i want to go pig hunting,NZ wild pigs look like boars, tusks and all that. I said OK. Meet up at car park edge of bush, he 's got three dogs (mangy mean looking ferkers) and a big ferk off knife strapped to his belt.
Me. "Where's the rifles?"
Him. "Don't need a rifle mate the pigs ain't armed." ( and that look in the eye. "ferkin poms.")
Me :oops:
Into the bush behind the dogs chasing them for 2 hours get a scent 1/2 hour more and we catch up 2 dogs on one end of a pig, other one nipping the pigs arse.
Kiwi pulls his knife out jumps into the middle of it and sticks the pig in the back of the neck, before I've even worked out whats going on.
5 mins later the pigs bled out and gutting begins. then cut through left front leg thread right through left then hump it out.
Bloody hard work. I only had to worry about keeping up!
Don't ever pi$$ off a kiwi pig hunter, he'll put you into a world of pain. :twisted: