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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by theBigM, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Gents/Ladies,

    I am thinking about joining the RNR and would just like to ask a couple of questions about HUMINT specialist training.
    Firstly, if I managed to get through the basic training/pass the fitness tests, etc. what are the chances of then getting onto training in this area? Is there a lot of demand? Considering that I am an old git (38) is this realistic?
    I work as a translator (French and Swedish) and would like to use and develop my language skills and serve my country. Is there much demand for linguists in the navy?
    I see on the website that you can enter this specialisation by "direct entry". What does this mean?
    Sorry about all the questions, but would appreciate any answers.
  2. Join the TA if you want to do this properly, and have a chance of deploying before the end of this century.

  3. Or 7630 Sqn RAuxAF
  4. No need to get silly now :D If he wanted to spend his time with tracksuited dullards he could just get a temp job in McDonalds.
  5. Hi TheBigM

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    As a linguist, I think that you will find this page interesting:

    Now, have you thought about going along to the next Presentation Evening at your nearest RNR Unit? Do you know where it is?
  6. Thanks for the replies gents. I'll have a look into your suggestions
  7. Thanks Soleil - I live in Dorset, near Dorchester, so I think my nearest unit would be Bristol or Portsmouth.
  8. Suggest HMS Flying Fox in Bedminster (Bristol) then.

    Each RNR Unit has regular Presentation Evenings for potential recruits. I fear that the details of the evenings on the HMS Flying Fox page are not up to date, but the page does tell you how to get in touch with them to ask about getting a place on the next one.
  9. I've obviously missed something here. When did we invade Sweden and France? You do get that this isn't MI6 is disguise and you're not off for an embassy posting, right? The language skills needed involve those furry little blokes with beards who dislike white people, not the cheese-eating surrender monkeys and ABBA..

    Can't really see you debriefing an asset in the middle of Afghan who speaks French/Swedish.

    As for direct entry to the branch; if you have the civvie skills applicable to this branch, they will consider bringing you in once you have passed new entry training at your local unit. So if you really want to join, get up to speed with all things beardy and make it known that you love spending time in the sand :wink:
  10. Existing aptitude for language is useful; although it is tested during the selection phase without any prior knowledge required.

    If you have bi-lingual skills in French or Swedish, you can sit the Interpreter for either language and qualify for an extra bung. Useful on exercise with allies etc., and French will be useful if we ever do jobs in various places in Africa.
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    There is a difference between HUMINT and Languages in the RNR - HUMINT involves entering the Int branch, and passing a demanding range of training and assessments. There is a wider languages role out there, which does not involve HUMINT work - please dont confuse the two.
  12. I realise that Swedish is probably no use at all in Afganistan unless there is an Ikea out there in the desert that I don't know about, but that's how I make a living.
    I want to join the RNR full stop and was just looking into the options in terms of specialisation training if I am successful with my application and basic training.
    If I don't do HUMINT training then is there another way to use my language skills/recieve language training in middle eastern languages, etc?
    You mention there is a more general linguist role, is there any more information on this?
  13. I have told the recruiting officer at HMS Flying fox (your nearest unit) that you are interested in joining. If you PM me with your email address I will get him to contact you.

    When you do get to HMS Flying Fox you will get a full brief on various specs as well as what is involved in applying for the RNR, passing New Entry Training and then chosing your Spec.

    Good luck with the official route, the unofficial route is useful, though some info that you recieve will have a "spin" on it that is not always correct (though usually exceptionally well-intentioned)

  14. ok thanks
  15. TheBigM

    Best not to put your e-mail address on the public forum. SO2 Seaman is suggesting that you send it to him as a Private Message. Click on the PM symbol near his name to do this.
  16. Epic fail dude.
  17. what is the next Ferret recruitment W/E, I was under the impression it should have been round about now?
  18. The next weekend will be held shortly. The CMRTM has been written and should be promulgated very soon, and those applicants shortlisted for selection will be contacted directly by FERRET. If you are not contacted then you will not be assessed - do not put in an RNR16 and turn up on the day unless FERRET confirms they are expecting to see you.

    Those candidates who wish to be considered who cannot make this weekend, will be considered for inclusion in the following weekend later in the year (date TBC). At present we aim to hold two assessment weekends per year.
  19. Must say, there is something particularly heartwarming about someone wishing to work in 'intelligence' plastering his details all over the 'net.

    A fail on two definitions of the word I would think.

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