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Fucking gayers. I thought someone was going to shove a banger up it's arse. I didn't watch the Lemur one because, quite frankly, i'm speechless.


This is what happens when you allow civvies and old fuckers to infest this place.



hu·mil·i·ty (hy -m l -t ). n. Origin USA interrogative - employed to inquire whether a third party is a member of the armed forces and thus entitled to huge discounts, freebies, and up-homers. Also UK but see de·rog·a·to·ry.
a video of a frankly stoned-looking Lemur
Hey, don't be nasty, I liked the lemur. King Julian rules and the girls in the Bangkok massage parlours tell me I get the same look on my face when they tickle me, too.......though not my arm pits :)
Well, we must maintain ourselves in tip-top condition and if that involves a check for prostate cancer every time one visits Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saigon, Shanghai, Manilla and Seoul, then so be it. One can never be too careful......long time.

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