Human rights may block deportations

That Chakrabati woman needs shooting. I am sick to death of all the bleeding heart liberals in this country, and all of the individuals who conveniently play the "race card" when it suits them.

(end of rant)
Unfortunately, UK plc signed up to the European Human Rights Convention without consulting the people (I wonder if that is a contravention of our human rights?). Without that piece of legislation, which I believe was enacted to prevent the recurrence of such events as the Holocaust, the industry that it spawned in the legal community would not exist and we could get on with the important things in life.

Although this thread started with the premise that foreigners breaking British law were being accorded too much respect, I worry at least as much about the home-grown scum whose "Human Rights" affect the way that the law-abiding majority are treated.


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Perhaps our home grown extremists could on conviction be given the choice of either an extremely long prison sentence or loss of British citizenship if they can find another country willing to give them a new nationality. Libya comes to mind at present. Their choice of course. At least then these extremists would be able to lead the Islamic life to the full.


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They'd go for the easy option - long term prison sentance (say three months in our present climate)! After all spouting about Islam and actually having to live it are completely diferent things!

Those that genuinely want to live it have already gone! All the best to them, the others? does the word 'freeload' spring to mind