Human rights may block deportations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Just when it seems that the government is trying to do something about the criminal elements amongst illegal immigrants, the PC brigade step in again. In my opinion these [email protected] seem to have more human rights than the British public. If they break our laws then they should be deported and have no recourse to human rights laws. It seem s to me that they pick and choose which laws they wish to obey.
  2. I agree 100% with slim.

    If non UK citizens choose to break British law, then their "Human Rights" should be put below the safety of law abiding citizens. They only came here because we are a soft touch with TOO many left wing bleeding hearts in areas of authority ( if you don't vote you cannot complain).
    I'm sure that in Algeria they would have had second thoughts of carrying out their deeds, at least the Algerians are not afraid to take action for the good of their citizens and other foreign citizens. As two of these deportees have been arrested already in Algeria, then that is tough - they'll get what they deserve.

    Human Rights should be earned by a good moral standard of actions. Once the Law is broken, Human Rights should take second place to Justice and the safety of the law abiding citizen.
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Agreed 110% - sounds like a good subject for a Number 10 petition
  4. I agree with what's aired here 100%, the bottom line is that the people in question chose to break the law. If one chooses to break the law, then it will be done with the full knowledge of what the consequences are, therefore one has no reason to whinge when a one-way Ticket to Algeria, Saudi-Arabia, Poland, Somalia, Kosovo, etc awaits.
  5. Surely the rights of the many outweigh the rights of the few?I bet that Chackravati woman has got something to do with this!!!

    Just kick them out then sort the legal crap out,if its found they were sent away wrongly then let them reapply for Immigration,then we can refuse them on the grounds they tried to enter illegally in the first place!
  6. If a Brit breaks the law in a foreign country then they face the penalties in that country - eg drug traffickers in Singapore. Why can we not do the same thing? Alhucoll has it right - too many bleeding hearts in this country and self-appointed "experts" willing to get air time on the news explaining how downtrodden these people are. Sorry to be uncaring, but bollocks to them. I am sick of my money being spent on people who do not deserve it.
  7. I concur absolutely. If any non-UKcitizens breaks the law - get rid of them. Their human rights are forefit and they should be deported and have any attempt for re-entry / asylum rejected for a few years. Any immigrant commiting an offence that carries a jail sentence should lose their citizenship and have to re-apply.

    The human rights of convicted UK prisoners should be restricted too. Plus if there are not enough jails at present, whilst erection of more prisons take place, the extra cons should have to share cells and give up a bit of their comforts. (It'll still be roomier than a type 42!)

    As for the likes of Ms Chakrabati, I wonder if someone in their close family was a victim of these scrotes if they'd be so bloody PC and consider the purpetrators rights rather than those of the victim.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    HMP Weare, is still sat empty and alongside at Portland Port, shut down because its in the wrong place and not fit for prisoners. Why not fill it with all of the 11000 foreign prisoners at present held in the UK jails, then load it onto a heavy lift ship and send it on an around the world cruise dropping the prisoners off at the appropriate places
  9. Have just sent following to Prime Minister (not that he will take any notice)

    RE: Law and Order
    Dear Mr Blair
    I am more than a little concerned that the human rights of convicted
    terrorists are taking precedence over the human rights of hard working
    law abiding British citizens.
    If a foreign national has committed any crime which has put the life
    of any British citizen at risk then at the end of his/her sentence he
    should be returned to country of origin, irrespective of any human
    rights issues. Why should he be released into a society which he obviously
    has no respect and who's hospitality has been blatantly abused.
    British citizens should not be put at risk by allowing these persons to
    remain on British soil
  10. Have to agree with all of the posts on this subject , pisses me off no end , they come accross here , bleed us dry & they despise us for our trouble , we must be bloody barmy , makes my blood boil , going to have to go for a pint shortly , couple of hours in the club & I'll have sorted the world out , :evil: :twisted:
  11. Slim, after B liar has read your letter he will pass it on to his Human Rights Lawyer missus and you could be getting a visit from "The Thought Police"!!

    Keep Striving
  12. Send em round, I'm ready for them!
  13. That Chakrabati woman needs shooting. I am sick to death of all the bleeding heart liberals in this country, and all of the individuals who conveniently play the "race card" when it suits them.

    (end of rant)
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

  15. Unfortunately, UK plc signed up to the European Human Rights Convention without consulting the people (I wonder if that is a contravention of our human rights?). Without that piece of legislation, which I believe was enacted to prevent the recurrence of such events as the Holocaust, the industry that it spawned in the legal community would not exist and we could get on with the important things in life.

    Although this thread started with the premise that foreigners breaking British law were being accorded too much respect, I worry at least as much about the home-grown scum whose "Human Rights" affect the way that the law-abiding majority are treated.
  16. Perhaps our home grown extremists could on conviction be given the choice of either an extremely long prison sentence or loss of British citizenship if they can find another country willing to give them a new nationality. Libya comes to mind at present. Their choice of course. At least then these extremists would be able to lead the Islamic life to the full.
  17. They'd go for the easy option - long term prison sentance (say three months in our present climate)! After all spouting about Islam and actually having to live it are completely diferent things!

    Those that genuinely want to live it have already gone! All the best to them, the others? does the word 'freeload' spring to mind

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