Human FOD

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny-La-Palisse, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. 2x brufen, and rest. Now sod off.

    Pretty grim to be fair.
  2. FOD kills.
  3. that will teach him to wear his safety helmet
  4. He won't do that again ! :?
  5. Spot on MLP.

    As a yung un under training some smart arse decided to test the igniters on a gas turbine when I was right down the tail pipe of a Hunter.

    I cleared the tail pipe and ejected myself from the exhaust faster than Bluebird on a hot run.
  6. He seems to have been carrying a fair amount of lard.

    Suck back!
  7. Shiit look at the state of those turbine blades ....grubbers will be working round the clock to sort that out
  8. Doesnt only happen to Septics

  9. That's put me off my anticipated Chilli con Carnie tomorrow!
    Looks like it's a Ploughmans until I get the vision of those Turbo blades out of my mind!
    Cheers for that!
  10. Then, along comes the Welfare Rep - with the news......

    "Hello? Mrs GurgleBurger? You're husbands been in a small
    accident at work - so the guys thought we should bring him home......"

  11. That was a bit of a disappointment TS! Here was me thinking Hmmm curvey bird ... bikini disappearing in a minute! Bugger!
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    He's only got himself to blame. The utter fuckwit.
  13. I recall seeing several years go, pics of an Elmer on a USN carrier who had been scalped and worse by, I think, a propellor or rotor - truly horrendous and to be honest, I wish I hadn't seen them.
  14. S-B there are a few vids of decapitations by rotor blades, sites like Livesteak etc are always from a stomach emptying sesh if thats your thing!!!!!
  15. Wasn't there a dit going around of a guy who walked backwards through the contra-rotating props of a Gannet when they were running??? Not sure how true that was.
  16. Im sure all of this would not have happened if he had just been wearing a high vis vest. Seen as there is no day-glo yellow in his burger resembling remains then he cant have been wearing one.
  17. That was doing the rounds when I was doing my trade training at Condor - Now that will date the rumour!!!!
  18. That went down well with my porridge. Remember the trolly dolly think she worked for Manx Airlines walked of the aircraft at Liverpool Airport straight into the props of a ATP nowadays everything is shut down before exiting. One knob decided when blowing up a earthmover tyre to leave it running and nipped for a quick crap. He returned just in time for the full effect of a twelve foot high tyre exploding in a confined space. Took two days to scrape him of the wall. These days we inflate inside a metal bar cage.

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