Hull Daily Mail: Support For Hull's Bid To Make HMS Illustrious A Tourist Attraction

'Lusty' to be an attraction at Hull ?

Watching tonight's Look North program, there are plans that the old carrier will be placed in Hull as a tourist/conference centre. It has the backing of one of her ex-skippers , as well as other high ranking officers. The plans, if it comes off, will take place within the next 2 years or so.


Lantern Swinger
That won`t last long, even their football team was managed by a gypo a while ago.
I wonder how many white pick-up Transits will be needed to make it `disappear`.


Lantern Swinger
An interesting idea but with the high price of scrap steel these days it's unlikely to happen, Ark Royal sold for £2.9m in 2011 & the scrap steel price has increased greatly since then.

I can't see any government/MOD money, interest or support forthcoming for such a venture, far better to scrap it & put an end to the whole CVA/harrier chapter.

Just of course my personal opinion.
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